Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does making that noise really help?

So...Hercules Hat Guy has been really quiet at the gym lately. In fact, he came over to borrow a weight from us and he was actually nice. I think it startled me so much that almost fell on my last lunge. I just wasn't expecting it! 

There was another guy there who was working with a trainer and he was loud guy. I'm not even sure why. He was doing preacher curls with the 45 pound bar. That's not really that much. Janelle and I do more than he was doing. Anyway, he was yelling and grunting and making all kind of noises while doing this exercise. All of his noise gave Janelle and I an idea....we are going to make really loud noises while we are lifting. 

We really want to know if it helps. Neither of us make a lot of noise while we lift; maybe some loud breathing from time to time, but no yelling. Zach wants us to be lifting as heavy as possible these days, so we both think we need to start screaming and yelling while lifting. Maybe we will be able to lift more. 

There is one problem though; Janelle and I have a little too much dignity than to go into the gym and act like these dudes do. I just don't think I could go in there and begin yelling and screaming and throwing weights like the crazy fellas do. 

Maybe I'll be in an odd mood one day and give it a try. Or maybe I won't. It is Dooms Day/Judgement Day/Rapture...etc, etc today. I might not get the chance! I might not make it through the day!


  1. I think besides your dignity, could you really do it without busting out laughing?! And then, hello, trying to balance with weight?! LOL! I love when people go crazy while working out, making it seem like they are doing a 10000 times more work than they really are.

  2. I will admit when I'm lifting weights I make noises LMAO I will moan, scream, grunt and all that, thankfully my "gym" is my spare bedroom so I can be as loud and annoying as I want to be. Making those noises helps me get thru that rep because sometimes by the end my arms are dying and I don't think I can make it but if I let out a big grunt I can get through it LOL

  3. If I was by myself, I think I would me A LOT louder. It's not the lound grunting as much as I want to jump up after an awesome set and yell "oh yea!" or something. I would also jame out and sing to my rock songs. Makes me want a home gym kind of.

  4. Hercules Hat Guy is kind of a trip! :) It would be kind of funny if you grabbed the bar and grunted "Uuuuhhhhh!" one day! lol