Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's your heart rate?

            When I started getting serious about losing weight Zach and Janelle said I had to get a heart rate monitor. Honestly, I didn’t want to get one, but since I decided I had no clue what I was doing on my own; I decided to shut up and get one. I ended up getting a really good deal on one and it’s pink; so that made everything better. 

            Obviously the idea behind the heart rate monitor is to get an accurate reading when I’m doing cardio, since I need to be in my fat burning zone, but I wear it for everything. I started wearing it during regular workouts; to see how many calories I burn while lifting.

Janelle asks from time to time what my heart rate is after certain things or how many calories I’ve burned. Usually it’s normal, but after squats and some ab workouts my heart rate will be so high that the monitor will just zero out! Honestly, the more I work out the less that happens, but there are some exercises that still get me every time! Once I was used to wearing the monitor at the gym all the time, I started wondering how many calories I would burn during other activities.

            I haven’t worn it to work, but I want to. I would like to see how many calories I can burn in 8 hours at work. I bet some days it would be outrageous because I feel like I run around like a crazy person. 

            I’ve become pretty obsessed with the heart rate monitor. On Monday’s it totals up my total calories burned, exercise time, and time in my fat burning zone from the previous week. Then on the screen of the watch a little envelope pops up. When I click on it, it tells me all the total for the week. I tell Janelle that it sends me mail. I know she’s jealous of my pink heart rate monitor that sends me mail.
            I learned that I can burn around 400 calories in a half our while shoveling snow. I can burn around 750 calories in 45 minutes while swimming. I can burn about 100 in 10 minutes of yoga. I can also burn about 300 having a 45 minute heated phone conversation.


  1. That is super interesting!! I would love to invest in a heart monitor to see where I am at.

  2. 300 cal in a 45-min heated phone conversation ? lol That was funny. It's nice though that you find all that out from that little thing ! Really ??? How much is that ? Could be a great investment !

  3. Oh it was really a great investment. Mine was on sale so I got if for just at $100 after tax and whatnot. Totally worth every penny!