Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goal for the week

I usually burn about 3400 calories a week during my workouts. I know this because I wear my awesome hear rate monitor. I love my heart rate monitor! In fact, I love it so much I wrote a whole blog about it. Lately I've wanted to burn over 4000 each week. I think I will have to take a few extra walks to get there. 

I wanted to do the same last week as well, but due to excessive rain, my lack of motivation, and not feeling so hot I didn't get there. This week will be different. I'm refocused and I have a new meal plan, so I'm on the straight and narrow again. 

I have a few other goals for the week, they aren't really workout related, but they are blog related. I'm thinking if I commit them to a post, I will stay motivated to get it done!

I need a few new pictures on this blog. My last one is from February. I'm a whole pant size smaller since then! I will have to find reasons to have some small photo ops this week or weekend. That shouldn't be too hard. I always have a camera with me!

My other goal is kinda blog related, but more of clothes related! It's time for smaller pants. I can officially slide my pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. I also need a smaller belt. I've had to start carving extra holes in my belt. I think I should just buy another one. I need to get to Plato's Closet this weekend! 


  1. Where did you get your heart monitor? I have been reading more and more about them and really want to get one to really know how many calories I'm burning!

  2. Good luck with your fun goals ;)

  3. Sliding your pants off! Good for you.

  4. I am in the same boat with Sarah!! I totally want one!!

  5. I got my heart rate monitor at Dick's sporting goods. It was on sale. I ended up paying about $109. It was totally worth it! One of the best investments I've made!

  6. I need to start wearing my HR monitor again. I need to focus on calories in, calories out.

    Now new pics :)