Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New meal plan

So, I finally got a new meal plan. Zach talked about trying something different. I think he decided to stick to the same ol' same ol' after he saw the confused look on my face! 

Anyway, my lean mass went up on my last bod pod, so I actually need more calories per day to maintain my weight loss. I know it sounds crazy to eat more, but I'm pretty excited. I'm all about the food!

I still have to watch my saturated fat, trans fat, proteins, carbs, and fat. My calories total is now 2076/day. It looks like a lot, but it's just perfect for me!

I think I will stick to this one for about 4 or 5 weeks. I will be trying something new beginning about the middle of June. I will have more time to workout and I will be able to do two workouts a day. Because of that I will try a new style of meal plans, which I will explain when I get it. 

Some people have sent comments asking where I get my meal plans. I actually am lucky enough to have friends that are doing all of this for me. They are licensed/certified or whatever you say for people that do what they do. They are also personal trainers. I met them in college. 

If you want to know how all of this came about, you can read some of the first posts I ever did. 


What the eff is a meal plan?

You mean there are calories in alcohol?


  1. Good luck with your new plan!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck with your new meal plan!!!! :) and who seriously knew that there were calories in alcohol?! ;)

  3. That is so awesome that your friends are doing this for you!! I wish I had friends like that! It's amazing how the caloric needs change along with your weight AND lean mass. I would have no idea where to start on calculating all that stuff!! Plus it's just amazing to hear how the body works!