Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting personal.....

I'm ready for all of my teaching jobs to kick back into gear! I'm ready for my routine to be more routine! 

Now that summer is winding down I really feel like I can get back on track. I've been slacking a little too much on the meal plan. I've been maintaining and not losing. I need to and want to lose this last little bit of weight. 

Honestly, I've been happy....for about the past 6 months. Really happy. I've not been mentioning it, but I've been seeing someone for the past 6 months and I couldn't be happier. He is the best guy I've ever dated. 

He's the first guy I've dates since I've started all these meal plans and working out and whatnot. I've been learning how to eat on schedule, work out, and have a functional adult relationship with this guy in my life!

I've got the working out under control, but I'm still figuring out the whole eating thing again. He knows what I've been doing. I was upfront from the first day I met him about doing everything on a schedule. The whole discussion about mass weight loss came a few weeks later. 

I've gotta tell ya, it's been easy to have him in my life. Like I said, the whole working out thing is not an issue. It's the food that is tripping me up. And I've also gotta tell ya, he makes me feel absolutely beautiful; saggy skin and all.

I used to worry about how I appeared to other people; especially guys. Now, I could care less. He thinks I look great in jeans and a t-shirt. 

However, it can make it hard to focus because he is always making me feel so good about how I look. It can make it easy to "cheat". I know, I know, what a silly thing to complain about.......he makes me feel great, and it's hard to focus on my eating.....blah, blah....I'm sure you all just threw up a little in your mouths. 

I've had an awesome summer hanging out with him. He wants to do active things too. It's not problem to get him to go for a walk, play putt putt, go bowling, etc.... but I'm ready for there to be less free time and more work time! I think once my schedule fills back up I will be able to focus better on the meal plans. 

Oh...his name is Josh, and he's the awesome. 


  1. How exciting! So glad to hear you're happy and enjoying your relationship. :)

  2. AWESOME! So glad you are happy!! Does he workout with you?? :-)

  3. Cool beans! It's always fun to have a good relationship with an awesome guy! I also think you did a great thing being honest about your eating right from the start. For me, I always liked having the guy take me on a date, which included dinner. Now it's hard for my hubby and I to figure out something to do that doesn't include going out to eat because it was always our favorite past time. You guys are forced to try different things, and that's great!

  4. I am happy for you that you found someone you can be happy with! I totally understand that feeling of being accepted and happy that makes you want to eat more and not be as diligent. But it's great that you recognize that and can work through it!

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