Monday, September 10, 2012


My updates have been behind lately. Sorry! I'm still weighing myself when I'm supposed to. I just don't get on here in a timely manner to get my status out there!

Well, August was another month where I didn't lose, but I also didn't gain. I'm still at 133 pounds lost. 

I'm consistent with the working out. I think I actually work out more these days. I know for a fact that working out will be part of my routine for the rest of my life. Sometimes, the food still scares me. I'm afraid of slowly slipping back into bad habits and over eating habits. I know I'm not the only one that has that fear, but it's scary! 

I get nervous when I know I'm going to a cookout, party, night out with friends, etc. I get worried that I'm going to "get out of control" with the food. I know I'm still learning how to eat in moderation. I'm working hard to make it the norm and not something I have to think about every time I step out the door. 

Looking ahead....

I have to get a bod pod soon. I'm trying to get one scheduled for this week. 

September is my favorite month, because it is my birthday month. I seriously celebrate for the whole month. This year I'm going to be 30. I'm not really worried about it though. I'm healthier now than I have really ever been in my whole life. 


  1. For me each decade was better than the last! Have a great birthday month!

  2. Have a good birthday and STS is better than gaining weight