Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Running.

The running thing is still panning out for me. I'm into week 3. It's not too bad. 

Today, I did my first run of the week. I even wore my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I can burn in a run. Today I was just under 3oo. Not too shabby. 

Like I said, I'm not trying to replace lifting; I'm looking for something else to add in with my workouts. I need something to mix it up for a while. 

I would like to start running more often, and we'll see what I can do after I complete these 10 weeks. 

It feels pretty good that I decided to do this whole running thing on my own. I felt like I was capable of doing something else and I found something good for me. 

I'm sure that as it gets colder I will lose motivation, but in all honesty this plan will get me into the holidays. After that, I might ask Zach to help me with a plan to continue running and to keep it interesting. 


  1. Good luck! Running is hard stuff but after 10 weeks you'll be a pro. I'm into the elliptical these days, but running gets my heart rate way higher up.

  2. I find running the most difficult. I jog for 200m only before i start going out of breath and feeling like i'm about to pass out. I've just started and i hope later on, by the end of next month, i'll be able to run for a kilometer without stopping. good for you dear..

  3. You'll notice a difference in your abilities fast. Plus, when you get to the end of your plan, you'll be really impressed on how far you've come. That just might be motivation enough to keep going!