Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Lunch Bag!

Well, I got a new lunch bag. I went ahead and ordered one from 31. I didn't there was anything to replace my old lunch bag, but I managed to find something that I'm equally as happy with. 

If you missed the other post, you can read about it here. That lunch bag was also from 31 and I got it shortly after I started my first meal plan. That bag went everywhere with me! I was packing food for snacks and meals every time I left the house. is my new bag. I think it's appropriate for what I'm doing now!

Not the best picture, but the banana behind it is really
a game, called Banana Grams. That game is awesome!
It's not expensive and I suggest you go buy one
and play it tonight!

Yup, that's right. I'm proof that my
Not a Diet Meal Plans really work.....


  1. I love it!! This is awesome. What a great way to manage your meals and I love that you have found something that works and you are the PROOF!!

  2. Bananagrams=Awesomesauce. What's the link for the lunchbag place?

  3. Perfect, Sarah! You are MY inspiration!