Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm turning into the worst blogger ever. I have no time to post these days. I guess I'm too busy for my own good. I've been reading blogs when I can, but I don't have a lot of time to comment. 

Anyway....May was difficult. I'm not even gonna lie. It was getting warm, and I was very busy. I don't have any problem working out. I work out 6 days a week. It's the meal plan that is starting to get tricky. My days have been so crazy and they are different every day. I'm also getting Spring/Summer fever. My focus starts to lag this time of year. 

So, I only lost 1 pound last month. Oh hell, I could have lost more, but I haven't even weighed myself in a week. I do the every other week weigh ins and this was not a week to weigh. So, I'm going with the 1 pound loss. It' s shameful, really. I should be on better behavior. I have no one to blame but myself. So I've lost a total of 128 pounds. 

I am still not measuring. The last few times I've measured, my measurements have been really crazy. I can only think it's because of shifting skin. Janelle seems to think so too. It's gross to think about. I know my measurements are changing though because my clothes fit differently each time I wear them. 

Now that it's getting warmer, I've been really pushing the water. I know I am drinking a gallon or more of water a day. I'm trying to cut back on my coffee. I just drink too much. I need to have 2 cups in the morning and call it a day with the coffee. I really drink about a pot in the morning and I sip on coffee throughout the day. Don't worry though, I drink black coffee, so no added calories. 

Also, I need to get a BodPod soon. I've called the lady to make an appointment, but she has yet to call me back. I'm hoping to do that in the next week or so.

My sister is getting married in about 2 weeks, so I will continue to be busy!!


  1. It's the season, blogger gets really quiet this time of year.

    Hey, another pound gone forever!! I only drink a cup of coffee a day, but REALLY like my 1 tbsp of flavored creamer. I'd like to just give it all up too.

  2. a pound is a pound :D and a total of 128 -- awesome!

  3. I think a pound is awesome! :) Send it over here! lol