Monday, August 8, 2011

It's recently occurred to me.

There are people everyday that ask how much weight I've lost. At this point I round up and I say, "almost 100 pounds in about the last year and half."

I get the craziest reactions from people. Mostly they are completely shocked and in awe. I usually say, "Well, I still have about 50 pounds to go." 

They are still in shock and they don't think that there is another 50 pounds to lose. Trust me, there is another 50 - 60 pounds to go. 

I've had to start looking at these 100 pounds in a different way. I just haven't felt like it's really that much weight. I'm not sure why I feel like that. I usually feel like I'm a little more than half way to my goal. 

I've had to step back and realize that 100 pounds is a lot of weight. I don't really even know how else to put it, but 100 pounds is a large amount of fat to lose. No wonder people are so shocked. 

This only occurred to me today while I was at work and one of my co workers asked me how much I've lost now. She was making such a huge deal out of it. I was just looking at her thinking that I still have a long way to go. I'm not where I want to be. 

She pointed out that most kids don't hit 100 pounds in weight until late elementary or middle school. 

Then I started thinking about it in terms of kids. I'd say I've lost about a 5th grader. I now realize that that is pretty impressive. 

By the time I'm to my goal I'll have lost the equivalent of a high school student. 


  1. Um, what you've done is darn impressive! It's great that you're keeping an eye on the future, but do stop to smell the roses along this journey. Keep up the hard work! You are amazing.

  2. Um - pretty impressive really doesn't even begin to cover it.

  3. you're crazy woman!! 100lbs is awesome!!! That's my ultimate goal. But think about when you lift weights in the gym..can you even lift 100lbs??? Maybe you can but I can imagine it's probably not easy. You better recognize your accomplishments and be darn proud of yourself! Who cares if you still have 50-60lbs to go, look at where you came from!!!!


  4. I have the same problem - unfortunately, it's easy to fixate on the to-go and fail to recognize the amazing have-lost when it's your own body. We're used to seeing it as a work in progress and not as something that's been incredibly transformed. When a friend asked how much I had lost so far and when I told her, she said it was nearly 20 pounds more than she weighs - I started visualizing myself carrying her around with me all the time, and only then did it feel like a significant loss.

    You've done something so many people can't fathom, and many more still wish they were strong enough to accomplish. That's exceptionally impressive!

  5. You have done a wonderful job so far, people are inspired by you. Yup, you. Your commitment, your success, your transormation. Don't write it off, it's a huge feat and you should bask in its glory and the compliments. Congrats!!!!

  6. 100 pounds lost is so awesome!! You should be so proud of yourself! And you are, for sure, an inspiration!