Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I swear the men at the gym are picking on me!

Ok, so I don't really think the men at the gym are picking on me, but they sure do bother me when I'm alone. I don't really know why they do it, but if I had to make an assumption, I think it's because I don't look totally like a typical gym person (even though I'm there 5-6 times a week). 

Here's a little background; summer is almost over so Janelle, Ashley, and I get busy getting ready for the school year to begin and cramming in any last minute things we wanted to accomplish during our time off. Our gym schedule gets all kinds of messed up and we have to go whenever we can fit it in. That means we are usually going at different times and going alone. 

Yesterday was one of the alone days for me. I was getting frustrated because no matter what I did some guy came over and got in my way. I know I'm short, but it's still hard to overlook me. I'll make my presence known! Yesterday I had to get snippy with a few guys too because they just wanted to be in my space and push me off of equipment that I was using. 

The one situation is hard to explain, but I'll give the shortest version I can. I was squatting and this other dude tried to squeeze his big 6'6" self into a space that was not going to be big enough to accommodate him and his crazy workout and me and my squatting. I was there first and I was trying to watch out for him, but he was not watching out for me. He ended up ramming his head into my bar that I was using for my squats. I said I was sorry, but I was there first! 

After that, another squat rack freed up and I moved to that one to do my lunges. I set everything up that I needed and then I ran off to grab a drink. It took like less than a minute. When I came back this older gentleman had put down his weight belt and protein shake on the squat rack, but he was yammering away to the guy who hit his head on my bar. I just started to do my lunges. 

This old dude walks over and tells me that he was getting ready to use that. I turned to him and said, "Actually, that's my stuff there, and I had just put this weight on here and ran to get a drink. I was here first. I have 3 more sets. After that it's all yours." 

He looked shocked. Oh well. I don't care. Then he said this, "Well, I guess you can use it. I guess I should put on my weight belt, or maybe I should put it on you." Then he reached over and tried to put the weight belt around my waist. I recoiled from him. No joke, I recoiled and gave a really nervous laugh. After that, he watched me do the rest of my lunges and it made me really uncomfortable!

I'm feeling a little creeped out now even retelling the story!

On a lighter note, I'm feeling better and I'm so happy to be back in the gym on my regular workout schedule. (Even if the creepsters are out in full force.)


  1. you should have had him put it over his mouth... sorry to hear the gyms a pain lately but good for you for continuing to go. Gym guys put me on the defensive all the time, sadly its a natural reaction for me these days!

  2. Ha ha Carbie girl! The guy maybe needed a whack on the head-what is wrong with them?? My gym turned the garage out back into a second weight studio. Luckily all the hardcore ones hang out there.

  3. Wow, that sucks! How nice of that guy to let you use the equipment while he chatted. What a guy. Good for you for standing up for yourself! That is so weird he watched you do your sets. Do you ever fart when you work out? I fart a lot when I run (yea, TMI), and I think I would have tried to fart for the guy. Okay, I'm a weirdo.

  4. Farting sounds like an AWESOME response!

    I am lucky enough to go to a small neighborhood gym that makes this stuff usually a non-issue. But if it was an issue, I would be right in the guys face.

    Glad you stood up for yourself and don't let them bully you around.

  5. Yes, good for you for sticking up for yourself! They probably thought they could get away with it, but you showed them!

  6. I guess I should change the time I go to the gym, I never make that kind of experiences since I am going at 5 am. I guess I would just would have left, I scare easy in situations like this. You did great ;)