Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why is it so hot?

Ok, it's not really that hot. It's been like 90ish, but high humidity. I don't really care how hot it is, because I spend most of my time inside during the day. 

The heat sucks though because I like to walk outside. On my off days from the gym (Monday and Wednesday) I try to go take walks. I wanted to take a walk tonight, but I just think it's too hot...or...I really just want to watch the Reds game and I'm making excuses. 

I'm going to use the heat as my "excuse" for the night. I think I will do some ab stuff while I'm sitting here watching the game. 

I've been having headaches lately too. I think that is heat related. I think I'm getting a little dehydrated and it's causing some headaches. I keep trying to drink more water, but I can't keep up! For the past week I know I've drank over a gallon of water every day. I still feel like if I was getting enough I wouldn't be getting these headaches. (I'll blame the heat for this too and that gives me another "excuse" to stay in tonight.) 

Well, now that I'm done making excuses, I better get off my butt and do something. 


  1. That has been happening to me too. I drink water all day but it is never enough and my head will always start hurting. I am already ready for fall. :)

  2. Same here with dehydration - I usually drink 96 oz. of water a day, and lately it's been 128-160 ... without having to pee every five minutes, which means the body is soaking up all of it. I've been running early in the morning to beat the heat a little - not great, but less humid than mid-day.