Friday, July 8, 2011

That was a killer workout

So, I totally forgot to write anything yesterday, but I didn't really even have anything to say. 

This morning, however, I have a lot to say. 

We went to the Reserve this morning. It was already hot and humid too. Then it started to rain...

Anyway, we had to run, jump, lunge, squat, jump up stairs, run up hills, and in general do a bunch of crap that I don't want to do. 

Since I wear a heart rate monitor I know that my heart rate was out of control and I'm pretty sure my heart was actually about to explode. 

Half way through I was pretty sure that my legs were going to give out and I'm also pretty sure the only reason I finished was because my legs were totally numb. 

I think all of us were about to puke at different times throughout the workout. I kept asking who was about to puke. I told them it didn't matter if they did, but I was not going to clean it up. Ashley reminded me that we were outside and there was no reason to clean it up if someone did puke. That made me feel better. 

No one puked, we all finished, my legs and lower body are killing me, and now I'm going to the pool for the rest of the day....and I might get a pedicure today too. I think I deserve it. 

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