Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What did you want to say Janelle?

I sometimes try to restate things that Zach and Janelle say to me. For the most part I can accurately explain to people what they (Zach and Janelle) tell me. Sometimes I screw it up. I think that at times I've not done so well to explain and people get the idea that I'm doing something that Zach and Janelle want me to do and not something that I want to do. 

99% of the people around me, my family and friends, the people that email me, people I see at the gym, and the people that read my blog are very supportive of everything that I do, but there is that tiny 1% that want to tear me down and  be negative. 

I asked Janelle to just explain her point of view in her own "guest blog". She has seriously been working on it for over a week. So the following was written by Janelle. I also think that Zach will probably write a blog or two as well. He seemed pretty pumped that Janelle was writing one. 

For those of you that don't know, Janelle is the girl I workout with. She is a personal trainer, but she's not my personal trainer. Zach is her husband. He does make my meal plans and workouts....obviously, he's a personal trainer too.  
The following is from Janelle:

There are so many things I want to say, and this “guest blog” has been edited and re-written many times.  Bottom line, I might have to guest blog a few more times before I say everything I’ve wanted to say.  Sarah is awesome… all my gym friends are.  We give each other a hard time sometimes but we all really do want each other to meet our goals and succeed.  I joke around with these girls that they actually probably know me better than any of my other girl friends just because we see each other constantly and for some reason the gym just feels like a safe place to tell each other everything.  Some girls have “frienemies”  (friends that are really your enemies who want to see you fail) and we are definitely not that.  On the surface, some people think we are mean to each other or trying to make each other feel bad or forcing each other to do things.  The truth is, we all just want the best for each other.  I’ll include my husband Zach in this too.  

We all need a push every once in a while and I think Zach is at the top of this pyramid, and underneath are me, Sarah and Ashley.  There are other girls that are in and out who are just as supportive but their schedules just don’t always match up.  Zach is really blunt and to the point about our workouts and meal plans and it’s starting to rub off on us, but I think it is making all three of us better at what we are trying to do.  There are times Sarah will say, “yeah you can definitely do more weight than that” to me.  There are times I will tell Sarah, “if you screw up your meal plan every time there is a cookout, birthday party, or wedding you will never lose weight.  If you want to maintain let me know and we can work on that” and Ashley gets the occasional, “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!?” when she sneaks in a tiny 5- pound dumbbell when she should be using at least a 25.  Bottom line, we aren’t mean to each other we are helping each other get what we go to the gym for… results.  I always tell myself “you came here, so you might as well get something out of it” and I think that’s the attitude we are all starting to have and we keep each other accountable.

So that’s the first thing I wanted to throw out there.  Second… Sarah and I really are not on “diets”.  If you think about it, we all have a diet. It’s what we eat on a regular basis; however, when people say they are going on a diet, it means they are eating exactly what someone or a book told them to eat for a certain amount of time.  No one tells Sarah or I what to eat… We look at our goals which are based on a bod pod and what we are trying to do.  Sarah wants to be at a healthy weight, I want to have a certain look for the competitions I do.  We look at time frame, and we figure out calories or  grams of carbs/protein/fat that are needed.  What we eat is purely up to us, it depends how creative you are.  I am not that creative so I eat a lot of tuna :)  So I guess you could say I’m on a tuna diet but I totally do that because I’m lazy and cooking and washing dishes wears me out.  

Sarah gets a lot of comments like, “Just try it, will one day really be that big of a deal?  One more beer won’t hurt”  Truth is, it DOES hurt, it IS a big deal, and when people do that they are messing her up.  Think of how many “special events” there are to celebrate.  We celebrate everything!  If she does this once a month, it could take her an additional two weeks to  get back on track and then she will be losing weight terribly slowly and get discouraged and stressed which will usually lead to more poor choices. Once Sarah is happy with her results and is at a healthy happy composition (it’s really about composition more than weight) she will just maintain. At that point, there are a lot of options.  She will have a good grasp on what things have more or less calories and her body will be used to eating every three hours.  She can work out and then go to a wedding on the weekend and do some extra cardio the next week.  Right now though, her goals are different so her plan is different.  Plan… her plan for her life, not her diet.  Just like in life there are different stages, and this is the stage she is at right now.  The principles that she is teaching herself she will have to remember in order to maintain her weight once she gets to her goal.  That’s the difference between Sarah’s lifestyle change and a diet.  Not to mention that Sarah will always have to stay active, as we all should… not just work out and eat certain things for a certain event and then go back to doing whatever whenever.  That’s why it’s not a diet.


  1. I am not sure what to think... She is right about a lot of things but I am not sure the method she says everyone uses to keep each other accountable is right for everyone. I know I would not repond well to that kind of "motivation."

  2. Yea, I could see how some people wouldn't like their motivational tactics, but I think they are much needed and they work for me.
    Personal trainers have a tough job. People come to them for help getting in shape and losing weight. If they were easy on their clients, the client won't lose weight and keep making excuses. Then their client is going to blame the trainer and stop using their services. I think they have to have that "tough love" attitude. Friends and family don't want to be that blunt with you because they don't want to hurt you. I know my friends don't want to hurt me. I know that for a fact, otherwise they would have told me I was really fat and needed to do something about it. It wasn't until Zach and Janelle that I really realized I need help. They never yelled at me, made fun of me, or called me names, but they were able to get it across to me that I had a serious problem that needed to be addressed.

  3. I agree. If it works for you, that's all that counts. Eveyone needs different things which is why no two people lose weight the same way. Keep up the good work!

  4. Well for the record, I never said everyone should do it. This is what we do and it works for the people we work out with and it's my personality. If you are my workout partner and you have gained a few pounds and I know you are trying to lose, I'm going to tell you. It's really just rude and not helpful for me to say, "no no you look great" when I know that you are trying to lose weight and not doing what you should! That just keeps you where you are at and does not promote progress. Also what I didn't add is that we also talk about how great we are doing... when we are really doing great. No lies.

    I knew Sarah and I would be friends forever when she pinched my fat. For months I had been preparing for a show and kept talking about how I needed to cut down more because of this one area that I had too much fat (my obliques) She was always very "friendly" and would say things like "you look great" "I don't know what you're talking about"... which is nice I guess, but one day Sarah pushed her lips together and thought for a second, and I could see her contemplating saying something... then she walked up and pinched my fat and said, "I see what you're talking about" That's when I knew she was the best gym partner I have ever had. In fact we both laughed and said, "I think we just became best friends". I worked harder from then on because she wasn't going to sugar coat anything anymore, and neither was I. That's when things got real. It's not like I walked up to Sarah before we knew each other and just started telling her she needed to lose weight. We established a relationship and this is what happened. The point of this blog was more to get across the fact that I'm not a mean person, I'm helping Sarah and really she's helping me now too.