Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's so weird hugging you like this...

One of my absolute best friends in the whole world (since 7th grade) was in town to visit for a few days. I see him about 3 times a year. For the past year and a half it's been very exciting when he comes to visit. Each time I'm smaller and smaller...usually 20 to 30 pounds. He is always so impressed. The last time I saw him was Valentine's Day. 

Here are a few of the things he said this time that made me so happy, made me realize how truly awesome he is, and how much I have accomplished. 

When he got to my house on Monday he kept telling me to quit talking because it was like hearing me, but seeing someone else. He kept looking at the pictures on my walls and saying, "There's Sarah...and then I look at you. I see your face, but it's like it was cut out and put on someone else's body." I just smiled. We talked about how difficult it has been to do everything I've been doing and how I've been a little off track this summer. He was nothing but supportive. 

Later that night we met up at a bar to go visit another friend. He was walking in front of me and just happened to turn around and he did a double take. Then he said, "See, I just don't even recognize you." I just smiled. 

The next day, and this was my favorite moment, but for other reasons that I'm not going into on my blog. We were standing outside and he gave me a hug...he gives the best hugs ever. Of course he had something to say. He said, "It is so weird to hug you like this." I finally said something back. I just said, "Yea, well get used to it." Then we both had a quick, much needed laugh. 

I love it when I see people that haven't seen me for months at a time. It helps me to see that I have been making progress. 


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I know you must have felt so good. Those are the kinds of comments that you think about long after they're said. Good for you girl!!!!


  2. Aww! How awesome!! Are guys just friends?? Just saying.. but those comments were awesome and need to click save on them!

  3. That's one of the most motivational things ever <3 I love when people notice the work I've done.

  4. Thats awsome! I had one of those moments the other day it felt so good

  5. Nice. I need a day like that. I need to kick some ass these next few weeks so I can be worthy of comments like that:) Doesn't it motivate the crap out of you? It would me. Keep rockin' girl.

  6. It's always great to realize your progress. So many times we miss it because we see it every day.... Nice to have it appreciated by someone who REALLY sees it!

  7. LOVE this! I had a moment like this a couple months ago - I hadn't seen my best friend at all since I had lost about 130 pounds, and she definitely freaked out a little, kept hugging me and talking about how different I felt. Terrific NSV!