Friday, July 29, 2011

And it's time for that new meal plan!

Today I'm starting my new meal plan. It's a little more than just watching calories. I've moved up a step on the meal plan scale!

Basically, I have to get a certain number of calories from protein for each meal. It looks easy on paper and it seemed easy when Zach was explaining it; then I got home last night and I was trying to put some things together for today and I nearly lost my mind. 

I called Janelle and she didn't answer. I knew she was home because I had literally just left her I called right back. Thank God she answered. 

I just started rambling about grams of protein and calories and I knew I wasn't doing it right because 20 grams of protein is only 80 calories, but the food I was looking at said it had 20 grams of protein and it was 340 calories and I still needed how many more.....and I just kept rambling. I kept saying, "This is impossible. I have no clue what I'm doing. I kept trying to ask Zach about this, but I couldn't find the right words. I'm going to screw this all up. I'm not ready for the next step!!!!"

Janelle seriously had to talk to me like I was one of her 4th grade students. She had to walk me through the process like 5 times before I finally calmed down enough to understand what was going on. She kept saying, "Ok, calm down. Tell me how many calories it is.....ok, now you have to this.....get a calculator.....calm, no, this is why we're doing this'll get the hang of a few days you'll have it all under control....just bring your stuff to the gym we'll plan some, no, calm down, I'm trying to help," and it was all done in that teacher voice. Honestly, I still can't explain how to do it, but I understand what I'm supposed to do. 

So, over the phone she had to help me plan my breakfast and a snack. It was like Meal Plans for Dummies. 

Overall, my calories went down. I'm ok with that because I was feeling really full all the time. I'm glad I wasn't feeling hungry, but I was feeling too full. I've gone from 2075 down to 1943. I think I'm going to get the hang of counting the calories from protein pretty quickly. I don't really have any other choice but to get the hang of it quickly. I need something new to focus on. I've been paying attention to all the wrong things lately, so having a new meal plan will keep me focused on what's, duh! (Winning) 

On a related topic, my back is still effed up! I've done nothing all week but lay around and use the heating pad and ice. I did realize while I was laying on the floor the other day that I need to vacuum! I just seriously can't push the vacuum around right now. My back does feel better than it did a few days ago. I know it's getting better, but I'm going a little crazy since I can't lift. I had myself all focused and back on track and now I'm not able to workout. I feel like it's setting me back even more.....dang. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your back! You'll be back to lifting soon enough. I can tell you can't wait. :)

    Your new meal plan sounds great. Do you use protein powder?

  2. That sounds tricky, but you'll figure it out! I really admire everything you do to take care of yourself!

  3. Hi, new follower here. You have come so far...... Wow, what progress - congrats!