Monday, July 4, 2011

I'll just have water.

I'm getting my butt refocused. Really. No more sabotaging myself. I've been out nearly every night for the past 2 weeks.....and I've drank water...a lot of water. 

I go out. I order water and everyone else orders drinks. Bartenders and servers ask, "Why aren't you drinking?" (I guess they are used to me ordering drinks after years of, well....ordering drinks.)

"Oh, I just don't feel like drinking." There is no real need for me to explain why I'm drinking water. 

"Are you sick?"

"Nope. Just not drinking."


"Oh, heck no. I'm just not drinking!"

"Oh....that's weird."

"Why? I don't see why you are so concerned with my lack of alcohol intake. It's not like we're talking hard drugs here. I'm just off the booze for a while. Geeze......oh and bring me some celery and lemons with that water....and don't ask. Just do it."

I try to tell people that this situation is just temporary. I'll be out getting wasted again before they all know it! Ok, maybe not wasted...but eventually a few beers or whiskeys won't be an issue. I just don't feel the need to defend myself for NOT drinking!


  1. I get asked the same thing all the time. I don't drink because my tolerance is so high its costs a fortune just to get a buzz, but the second I ask for water I get looks and questioned if I pregnant.

  2. me too!
    I stopped drinking when I wanted to lose weight just because I decided Id rather spend the calories elsewhere and havent looked back.
    17 years and still really no reason :)


  3. Ha! Yeah, I am LDS, so I don't drink at all, and it is pretty funny how many people get offended or want to grill me when I say that I don't drink. It isn't like I care if THEY drink, I just don't want to. People are funny.

  4. So, why aren't you drinking?! ;)

    It is a bit rude to just 20 questions someone because they are not drinking. I mean, diet aside, some days are just not "drinking mood" days... whatever happened to... "No prob, here is your water." ?!?!?!?

  5. I used to get picked on for not drinking lol good girl sticken to what ya wanna do!