Sunday, July 3, 2011

I smiled all the way home

I went to the gym alone yesterday at a time that I never go to the gym (on a Saturday, that is). That place was crazy. I've never seen so much weird activity in my life. Too much of it is difficult to explain, except one story.

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? I do all the time, and it's usually the jerks that work at the gym. They still think that Janelle is training me and I'm paying her. So they seriously spy on us; no kidding. 

So, I have that feeling, but it's from a guy who I see there all the time. I'm pretty sure he's a body builder, and if he's not he should be. I just keep catching him watching what I'm doing. 

I start thinking that there must be something on my face or my clothes are messed up or something. 

Finally, I notice him walking toward me and I just keep doing what I'm doing and assume that he's just walking toward me to get to something else. 

Nope...he stops right in front of me. I take out my head phones and he says.....
(He also sounded like a drill sergeant. He was very nice, but abrupt, and a little scary.)

"Ok, tell me how much weight have  you lost?"

"Oh, officially, 92 pounds."

"That's great. I can tell. I can tell you work hard when you're here."

"Oh thanks. I usually work out with my friend."

"I know. I've seen her. She looks good too. Does she compete?"


"People are wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"People don't realize that this (lifting) is how to lose weight. They think you have to get over there on that treadmill and run until you pass out."

"I totally agree." 

"You look great. Keep up the hard work," and then he was gone.....he just turned around and walked off. 

It was a very nice conversation, but it was so abrupt. He was nearly yelling at me, but he wasn't trying to yell. It was weird....I told Janelle about it (of course). She was laughing. I told her he was like a trainer, body builder, drill sergeant. 

Anyway, I smiled for the whole drive home. 


  1. I think that is probably the most awesome thing ever that I've heard happen at a gym. :) thank you for sharing

  2. I bet he's been wanting to do that forever now...drill sargeant or not - that was very sweet of him!

  3. So awesome! :) It's always nice to be noticed, but there's really something special about realizing someone unexpected has been paying attention, too.

  4. That is AWESOME. I've had women approach me in that manner (I mean, to ask about my loss) but NEVER a body-builder type guy. Score! LOL

  5. haha! That's a great interaction! For someone who works out a lot to say that it looks like you work hard when you're in the gym is awesome...because that's way more important than anything else! CONGRATS! too funny though!

  6. Hi, um wow that is a lot lost so far. I admire it! New follower here. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing how your journey continues!