Saturday, June 25, 2011 far

So, today has already been interesting. 

This morning I was tutoring a little girl in math. We were talking about weight. I would ask her, "Which one weighs more...a _____ or a _____?" At one point, she then said to me, "Who weighs or you?" 

I said back to her, "Oh, well...I just don't think that's a question I want to answer because I think it's obvious." She says back to me, "Oh Sarah, you're always so silly. Of course you weigh more than me. You're older than you have to weigh more, but you weigh less than that old teacher over there," and she pointed to an older teacher who was sitting in another room who does weigh more than me. 

I nearly fell off my chair and I was trying really hard not to laugh. I thought it was funny that she thinks weight is based on age. It was cute. I tried to correct her and I mentioned another older teacher that weighs less than me. It didn't matter to her though. That other teacher had to weigh more than me just because she was older than me. 

This afternoon at the gym I was approached by a lady that we see all the time. She just walked over and said, "You have lost a lot of weight. I remember you from a few years ago. You look like an entirely different person." 

I smiled and told her that I have lost 90 pounds. She smiled right back and said, "I can see your beautiful face now and you have so much definition in your upper body. 90 pounds is amazing. You're so lucky to have a friend to workout with."

I told her thanks and that it was a lot of work. She totally agreed that it is a lot of work. We see her all the time. She works out like crazy too. 

I love it when people notice. I also like it when I'm that gym and people tell me that they notice. I don't like it when people stare at me and never say anything. Then I spend my time wondering if they are just staring to stare or they notice a change....


  1. That's so cute that the little girl said that, now if only I could get my family to think it's based on age! hehe

    That must of been so nice to hear at the gym :) It's so nice when other notice a loss, it makes it worth it so much more. Which btw, 90 pounds is AMAZING great job!

  2. Awww I wanna squeeze that woman who came up to you and said that. How nice!

  3. Too cute about that little girl, kids say the funniest things sometimes you can't help but laugh!

  4. A (now not so) little girl I used to look after, on hearing that it was the Queen Mothers ninety something birthday (told you she is now not so little!) said, completely seriously "Wow, she must be REALLY tall". So cute.

    Great to hear when other people notice so much that they have to compliment you. :oD