Monday, June 20, 2011

Tiny victory for the day

On Monday's I try to get my butt outside and take a walk at the Reserve, it's like a park area. Anyway, there is a totally crappy weather outlook for today and I was busting my butt to get there before the nasty weather hit. 

So, I walked with my friend today and she is like 5 or 6 inches taller than me and I have to literally take 2 steps to her 1. After like 5 minutes I'm exhausted! She just yells at me the whole time to keep up and keep my short legs moving. I yell back to her that she is abnormally tall and  she needs to slow her freak ass down. (We really are best friends, I promise) Really, she's of normal height; I'm just short.

So, that was one tiny victory for the day; keeping up with Kelly in our walk. 

The other tiny victory was the weather. It is so flippin' humid out today. It was like walking through mist. It was really gross, but it didn't rain. I beat the rain today! Awesome. It is starting to rain now and there is definitely thunder going on as well. 

Really, I would just now be thinking about taking a walk. So I'm glad I got my butt moving and went on a walk with a giant who helped me burn more calories. 


  1. Funny you mention that about keeping up because I always said the same thing to my boyfriend before. We would walk on the boardwalk and I would yell to slow down and recently he has been saying how well I keep up with him these days and what I have noticed is that I'm using my whole legs (lmao) rather than just the part below my thighs that rub together LOL If that makes any sense. I try to take complete strides - it helps me keep up, works more of my leg muscles, and doesn't tire me out as much as when i try to take a bazillion short steps.

    Great victory! Hope you are doing well :)


  2. That is one thing I am thankful for living in AZ, the humidity (may be spelt wrong) only reaches like 10% normally, unless it is cloudy and on those days, the temps are dramatically low.

    Yay for keeping up!! :)