Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Personal Training"

So, yesterday at the gym (I swear this place never disappoints) we watched one of the "trainers" doing "personal training" with this overweight couple. The reason I'm using the " " is because it is an alleged trainer, doing alleged personal training. 

So, to be considered personal training, a person or couple would need workouts tailored and made for them, not the same cookie cutter workout that everyone else is getting. It makes me mad that these people are paying good money for half hour personal training sessions and they are getting the same workout as everyone that uses these "personal training" services. Everyone get's the same workout. Trust me. I'm at the gym a lot...I see all these "trainers" doing the same thing with everyone; no matter their age or ability. 

Anyway, there is this one "trainer" who has Ken hair. (You know, his hair is bleached, it looks yellow, and he slicks it straight back, but it's curly, so there is a slight wave in the slicked backness of it all.) He is pretty fit, but he's a terrible trainer. 

He was talking to this couple about Jui-Jitsu, not just any Jui-Jitsu, but Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Then he was talking about Samurai's and hand to hand combat. It was ridiculous. This was all while the people were recovering from a set of something that they were doing. These people looked like they were going to die too. If I was this trainer, I would have been checking on my clients; not giving inaccurate history lessons. 

Then....this guy started doing cartwheels and handstands. He was doing all this and then saying, "this is what you'll be able to do when you get to your goal weight." Who the eff wants to throw themselves around like that? It was like watching Stuart from Madd TV. (Look what I can do! Look what I can do!)

After that he jumped up, grabbed a ledge, and struggled to do one pull up. Then he said that a pull up was something else they could do when they reach their goal weight. 

After that he had them do 10 crunches and then take another break. They were sitting there about to die and this guy did a Karate kick and then said, (you guessed it) "this is something else you can go when you reach your goal weight."

Ok, seriously, if I'm paying money for personal training, I want someone to pay 100% attention to me and kick my butt! This guy was running around like an untrained dog. He paid not attention to his clients or their needs. What a disservice to these people. I don't even think they realize that they are wasting their money. 

Oh, the reason I was so able to pay attention to what this guy was doing was because they were in the aerobics room and so were we. We were in the corner to some ab work and we just looked and listened to everything going on for the last 15 minutes of their session! Watching this guy made me angry, but it pumped me up to get through the last 20 minutes of my workout!


  1. Hope you find a better trainer! Happy Father's Day weekend.

  2. Oh, that guy isn't my personal trainer. My trainer doesn't even go to the gym with me and he doesn't even belong to the same gym! He still manages to do a better job than the guy we were watching yesterday.

  3. That guy is a total creep. Would it be a bad idea if you mentioned to those people what a disservice they were getting?! I bet you'd get kicked out of your gym! Anyways, it's a shame that people tend to be so uneducated about things like that. With a little reading on the internet they'd be way better off than they are now, and however much richer!

  4. God he makes me angry and I wasn't even there. HE sounds like he was training them to be acrobats in a circus. Oy.

  5. Thats why I get fearful of getting a trainer, I want like a Bob or Jillian on my corner if I am going to pay someone. Plus I don't have the extra money right now either LOL

  6. lmao at stuart from mad tv bit :D:D:D:D

  7. Wow. THAT is why I don't have a personal trainer in L.A. -- I fear this sort of person. I don't want a cookie cutter workout, and I definitely don't want Personal Trainer Ken to go on and on about "the things I can do when I reach my goal." How about we focus on what I can do NOW? Sheesh. I don't know how you resisted marching over there and telling those people they were being ripped off.