Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I read it in a magazine

This is really for Zach, because he told me that when he hears people say that he stops listening, or he says, "Are you trying to make my head explode?" 

Anyway, I gave it some thought for the rest of the day about that statement, "I read it in a magazine." People say that all the time. They always see the latest health craze in a magazine. People are all over that crap too. They will really believe anything that is in print. one month that magazine is going to have a new edition and a new health craze listed on the cover. I don't believe what I see in fitness magazines or any magazine really. I don't know why but I just feel like they make things up. 

Then I thought about it from Zach's and Janelle's point of view. They are both personal trainers and Zach is a coach and health/p.e. teacher. They know what they are talking about. It must be really insulting when they are talking to people about health and fitness and whatnot and someone says, "Oh well, I read in a magazine that....blah, blah, blah, blah."

If I were them (and for some reason I'm sure Zach probably does this already) I would look at someone who said that to me and say, "Ok, well the magazine must be right. Why are you wasting your time talking to me? Get  your butt to the gym and do what that magazine tells you to do!"

I know it must be insulting, but I'm going to start saying that to Zach every time I see him. I'm going to start every conversation with, "Hey Zach, I saw in a magazine that....."

I also have decided that I'm going to interview Zach about his views on weight lifting and healthy eating and whatnot. I'm feeling like some people may be offended by some things he says about weigh loss, weight gain, and food, but hey, he's blunt and to the point. He's not going to beat around the bush. Honestly, that's what makes him such a good trainer. 


  1. On TV sitcoms, I notice characters will say "I read it in a magazine" because they want to contribute something to the conversation but aren't strong enough in their own opinion.

    What if you start telling Zach, "I saw it on Dr. Oz?" instead ;>

  2. It's a good point, you have to be careful who you take advice from, because it's not always going to get you where you want to go.

    The thing with magazines (or anyone trying to sell to you) is that they are not likely to tell you that you have to work, or that some days it might feel tough. After all, who wants to pay for that message?!