Monday, May 2, 2011

Spinning? Not so much!

I was going to go spinning yesterday, but my friend couldn't go. She had something else come up at the last minute. I'm not even going to lie, I was pretty excited that she had to cancel. My legs are really, really sore from my workout on Saturday. 

It was a killer workout: squat, lunge, dead life, wide squat, 1 leg-leg press, inner thigh, leg extension, and step ups. It was awful. I am super - duper sore, still. 

Anyway, I still want to go spinning. I want to try it once and my friend wants someone to go with her. I've promised her one time, but no more until I decide how I feel about it. 

Honestly, when I got to the gym yesterday morning for our regular workout I was hoping she wanted to cancel on the spinning. I told her I was really sore hoping she would let me off the hook and then she said she couldn't go anyway. I was so relieved and excited that I'm not the one who bailed! 

Next Sunday there is a spinning class in the afternoon. That's the first time that both of us are available at the same time. I will do my regular workout and then go spinning in the afternoon, unless she needs to cancel again. I'm not going to lie, I'm already hoping she wants to cancel. I just can't get pumped for this. A lot of people have commented that they like spinning and I'm hoping that I can get into it as well. It would have nice to have a different kind of cardio to throw into the mix!


  1. I hope u go and looove it! if not at least you tried somethin new!

  2. You will want to try it more than once. I loved it the first time and the next morning I couldnt walk because of how sore the seat made me. :( It took a good 3-4 times for me to love it again! lol


  3. I love bike riding, but spinning looks intense!! I hope you try it, that way you at least know for sure if you love or hate it.

  4. It's truly something you'll either love or hate. But you have to try everything once, right? RIGHT!! Because you don't know until you try. Besides, you CAN do it, it's just a matter of getting there. Good luck!