Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think some really awful things.

So, I saw a commercial for the Tyra Show the other day when I friend and I were flipping through the channels. On the screen was an advertisement for a possible show. It said something to this effect...

"Do you know someone who was passed up for a promotion or job because of their weight? Or do you think people shouldn't be in high ranking/important jobs because they are overweight? If so you could be on the Tyra Show."

I kind of made a nasty face while we were reading that. I said, "I hope that's not always true, but I sometimes think nasty things like that." I'm not perfect, in fact I'm no where near perfect. I'll admit it; I've always been judgmental of people that are overweight. Maybe it's because I've been lumped into that group for so long and I never wanted to be there. (I mean, I should have just gotten off my ass years ago and taken care of the problem, but I was too lazy.)

Anyway, I know that overweight people aren't lazy. I know there are many reasons for people to be overweight, and I'm not a totally hateful b*tch, but I think awful thoughts about people from time to time.

So we kind of got into a discussion with my friend about our different views about over weight people and if they are lazy or have a medical issue....etc, etc. I really can't share what we were saying because we are both incredibly foul mouthed and the whole conversation would be asteriks! 

Anyway, it really just got me thinking about what other people thought. I don't think it's right for someone to be passed up for a job because of size or any feature, color, etc. I just wonder what other people think. Don't worry. I won't be offended. Anything you could say, I've probably thought at one point in my life!


  1. You're not alone in your thinking horrible thoughts. I've noticed it a lot more since starting this whole thing. I feel almost hateful sometimes when I get to watch happy fat people eat what I wish I could be eating...But then I feel guilty and just kinda sad for them...Mostly, because it makes me think how I've spent sooooo long like that.

  2. Fat discrimination is very prevalent in the job market. My boyfriend is in a prestigious rotational program and ALL the girls in it are slim and athletic whereas the men come in all shapes and sizes. I told my bf that and he said it's just coincidence but the cynic in me says it's not.

    My mom brought me up being very self-conscious about my size because she said people looked down on fat people as lazy, lacking self-control and lower class. She said her professor told her this (who was overweight herself) saying how she was looked at differently than her slim counterparts. It made me SUPER self-conscious about my own weight.

    It's tough but most people judge based on first impressions and sadly, physical appearance is the first thing noticed but it's not just size but what clothes, overall demeanor, personal hygeine gets thrown in the equation.

  3. We were just talking about this is Psyc class a few weeks ago. Correct or not, there are the stereotypes of overweight/obese people as being lazy, unproductive, etc. Gender, age, sex, weight: I don't think it's possible for anyone to avoid all stereotypes and not be at least a little judgmental about something/someone. I think the important part is not letting it control your opinions of people to the point where you don't give them a chance to prove your judgments wrong. At least, I hope that's the important part, because I've had my share of judgmental moments too!

  4. Fattist thoughts are similar to thoughts based on stereotypes for age, race, gender, intelligence, attractiveness, nationality, accent etc.

    We all have them. Whether we act on those thoughts is entirely up to ourselves.

  5. Fat discrimination is a real thing. Sure it is wrong, illegal, unethical, etc... but just because it is any of those things does not do much to prevent it from happening. Humans are a flawed lot we are, and one of our ugliest flaws is how we discriminate.

    The worlds governments can make all the laws they want, but it will do little change discrimination when people are determined to do so. Sad truth is is, and it is how I see it. Maybe in a millenium or two our species will evolve our discriminating tendencies out of us, one could hope so.