Thursday, April 14, 2011

...You have to be Sarah...

      So, I mentioned the other day that I had to go back to Nebraska for some sad family things. I wanted to elaborate a little more about it the other day, but I wasn't in the mood. Thank all of you for the nice comments the other day. I'm going to say a  few things about my grandma and then get back to what this blog is really about. 

     My grandma was 90 and she was the best grandma a kid could ever ask for. She was married for 65 years to my grandpa, who also passed away when he was 90. She had 8 kids, 25 grandkids, and 40 great grandkids. All of her kids got married and most of her grandkids are married, hell even some of the great grandkids are old enough to be married, but aren't. She was a classy lady that everyone loved. She will be missed. 

     So, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now I'm going to tell you about some of the interactions I had with my family while I was there. I do have a huge family. I'm at the younger end of the family too, so a lot of my cousins were teenagers or adults when I was born. I know all of them, but not that well. I only see my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. once a year; sometimes even less. 

     My sisters and I were standing in my aunts kitchen and one of my other uncles (who I haven't seen in about 3 years) was looking at all of us and said hello then left the room. We all moved into another room and he looked at me and said, "Now you're Sarah. I know you have to be Sarah through process of elimination. We just didn't recognize you." I smiled and told him and his wife that I'd lost almost 100 pounds in the past year and that's why he didn't recognize me. 

     My uncle and aunt were so happy to hear that they couldn't stop smiling. We talked to about 10 minutes about what I was doing, how I was doing it, and what prompted me to do all of this. 

     One of my other aunts walked up and hugged me and told me I looked great. My cousins, especially the one's I talk to on Facebook, all had great compliments for me too. It made me feel really good. 

     I knew that people were going to make comments because I really haven't seen the majority of them since our last reunion 3 years ago. It was a sad reason to have to see all of them, but it was nice to see them and it was nice to hear the compliments. 



  1. What an awesome NSV! (still sorry again for your loss)

  2. Thank You for your kind words on my blog re: my surgery this week, support from folks like you makes the difference!

    You do look great! And I know that great feeling you god when family members you dont see often let you know the differences they see. Enjoy those great feelings today and harness them to keep on making a healthier happier you.

    Your Grandma sounds great too. A full life lived and one where she made a positive impact on you, I can see why you miss her.

    Keep smiling!