Friday, April 15, 2011

Just pictures...

      So, lately Janelle and I have been taking pictures of each other at the gym. We really do have fun at the gym, and I was hoping you could tell from the pictures, but you really can't. We pretty much look miserable and tired. I've also had to eat my snack at they gym lately...which alway makes me mad because I can't stand it when people eat at the gym. 

Watching TV
After watching TV at the end of the workout. 
I hate snack time at the gym. I was kinda
upset that she grabbed the camera!
I would have taken a picture of
Janelle laying on the floor, but I couldn't
 get up  to get to the camera.
After doing Jumpy things. 
Eating at the gym...again. 
Pull up fun time. 
My pull ups don't look anything like Janelle's. 


  1. I've never snacked at the gym before! I should probably bring something for the times I feel lightheaded :D

    Great job you guys look like you are having a tone of fun!

  2. Looks like you guys have alot of fun togeather!

  3. Must be fun to have a workout partner. I find it too distracting... Thanks for sharing the pictures