Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New things

     Zach is changing the workouts. We are doing more plyos, you know...jumping. I'm not a jumper. Yesterday we had to do some crazy thing where we just jump as far as we can. I thought it looked ridiculous. I wanted nothing to do with it. I told Janelle I was not going to do them and I wanted to do something different. 

     Actually I told her that I was just going to watch her do them and I was going to just sit there and eat my snack. 

     I did do some of the plyo stuff. I did the rocket jump thingys. Ashely and I call them the frog jumps. We have done them often in the past. 

     I'm not looking forward to all this jumping. Janelle explained the workouts for the rest of the week and I'm dreading it. I think I might have to run. I hate running. I even wrote an entire blog on my lack of desire to run. 

      I have a feeling I'm going to be whiny brat during this new phase of working out. 

     Oh! I did get an awesome compliment at the gym yesterday. We were doing squats and some guy told me that I have good form. He wasn't even trying to be a creep; he said he was a physical therapist and paid attention to form when people were lifting around him. So, that was super exciting. 


  1. I think try it as long as you are not hurting yourself! I never thought I would enjoy running but I think it's become therapeutic to me especially gratifying to see how far I can run now!

    I always thought I would be a lifelong exercise HATER. I am a firm believer you should only partake in exercise you don't hate though so that it's sustainable

    Plyometrics is killer but I do feel stronger from doing it!

  2. I did the Insanity test and almost dies during the jumping part. I feel you on the jumping. But your strong and will be stronger.

  3. Who wouldn't be a whiny brat with that kinda stuff? I have always wondered why there isn't much swearing on the Biggest Loser. They must edit it out bc you KNOW they are complaining more than we see.... Also thats nice that guy complimented you like that!

  4. Jumps and running... That doesn't seem like a good combo! Maybe one day someone will tell you your jumps have good form too! ;)

  5. Jumping thingy?? LOL you are too funny!! I dont know what plyos.. are...?? Google, however I am sure will tell me. All the weird exercises have reason though... maybe just try it once?? see if it is as bad as it looks??