Sunday, April 17, 2011 run now, so get used to it.

     Janelle made me run. I was not happy about it. Not only did she make me run, but we were outside and it was rainy and crappy. 

    Ok, it wasn't like crazy running miles or anything, but I hate running in any form. Between running back and forth like a crazy person we also had to do jump. You know, the plyo crap again. 

     Ashley and I were not happy and I think we made it abundantly clear. Ok, so really we were whining and laughing all at the same time. I do think we made Janelle crazy and she was happy to see us go!

     So, I gave the running a try. Janelle said it was more like jogging, but I'm not a runner. I've never run in my life. If we were swimming that would be another story. 

    Janelle just kept yelling at me when I would tell her that I wasn't a runner. She would look at me and scream, "Well, get used to it, you're a runner now!"

    She also had to explain that there was a whole form and method to running. I had no idea. I had to tell her to slow down on the explaining because there were too many directions she was giving me at once. 

     Overall, it was hilarious. I don't think Janelle appreciated Ashley and I whining and trying to get out of it. 

     I wanted to take pictures because I thought we looked hilarious, but Ashley said no. 


  1. Sounds like you better get used to it! I really love that you have friends to workout with & support you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well hey, think of it this way, one day you'll be running your first 5k and you'll look back on this post and laugh at how silly you were. Keep at it! I hate running too, but it does get easier over time.

  3. Your trainer sounds awesome! I wish my workouts were so fun.

  4. your trainer sounds so awesome!! Good job on the running!! Or jogging, it is all the same to me. ;)