Monday, April 18, 2011

People say the darndest things.

    So, this is really about one of my friends, and it's an odd story. Ok, this girl is tall (like 5'7" or 8", which is tall to me because I'm only 5'2") and she is thin. Over the past year or so she has put on some weight (like 20 pounds), but she only gains in her belly and hips. I don't think she looks bad, but she is unhappy with the extra weight. 

     She recently got married and people always ask her when she is going to have a baby. She is so not ready for babies either. Apparently because of the little bit of weight in her belly people (from her work) keep asking her if she is pregnant. Seriously, they ask her if she is pregnant. Who does that? Each time she says, "No, I'm just getting fat. Thanks." 

    Now, who in their right mind would ask someone if they were having a baby? Aren't you supposed to wait for someone to tell you that are pregnant? 

    Now she has decided that she's had enough and she's going to join the gym. Yesterday she went to the gym with Janelle, Ashley, and I and it was awesome. 

    This girl is very animated. She is really energetic and will really try anything. I went to her house at 8:30 A.M. to pick her up. She had apparently only been up for 12 minutes because I have sent her a text 12 minutes prior to make sure she was still going with me. When I got to her house she ran out, barefoot, holding her shoes, purse, phone, water, etc. She jumps in the car and says, "I'm going to the gym. I might still be drunk, but I'm going to the gym!" 

    When we started working out, she kept asking how many times we had to do everything. When we kept telling her yes and she would mutter under her breath asking herself what she had gotten herself into. I will say, she tried everything. We even held her had for some things, no kidding, we held her hand. She was a trooper. I'm sure she is super soar right now. 

   She did join the gym. She joined before we did the workout which was a good thing because I'm sure she would have decided not to join after the workout. She'll be a good addition to our workout group.  She can't go with us all the time because of different work schedules, but she wants to take classes like spinning and what-not. 

    Personally, I think we are the most hilarious group of girls ever when we are at the gym together. We laugh so freakin' much. We also push each other a lot. I think we deserve a reality show so everyone else can see how much fun we have working out. 


  1. That is awesome that you have such a wonderful supportive group of friends !!! It makes the journey much easier when you have someone cheering you on !!

  2. Ugh-people are SO rude!!

    And now you have another fun workout buddy? I am so jealous. ;)

  3. I hate it when people do that! I had a guy n the grocery tell me about the lady infront of me"its so hard when you look at girls and cant tell if there pregnant or not like with you your showing enough to tell for sure"...I wasnt pregnant then he asked when I was due I said oh not for awhile I got pregnant yesterday.He turned beet red maybe he wont assume anymore? Im not usually rude but it made me mad lol

  4. It really does sound like a great workout group! Jealous ;)

  5. I know people in general ask... "so when are the babies coming?" because I got that for a while after Kris and I got married, but I dont think I have ever been straight asked if I was prego. That is just rude. And hello, personal. I am glad you have such a great workout group!!