Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A good yoga DVD.

     I was talking about yoga the other day and some people were asking what 10 minute program I use.  I use a beginners DVD from yogaworks. I really like it. 

     Here's what's so good about this DVD; the don't just assume that you know all the different yoga poses and stretches. I could never find a program I liked because they would say it was for beginners, but then they would just start calling out poses and expect that I knew how to do them. It's really effing hard to pay attention to the TV to see what's going on when your body is in no position to look at the screen. 

    This program has an option to go through the different poses and it explains why you do the pose and what kind of posture you should have. 

    Here's what I don't like about this DVD; all the damn yoga lingo and imagery. They tell you things like, "plant yourself like a tree" "stretch like tree limbs" "root yourself". I just can't stand that kind of speaking. I know it goes along with the whole yoga image, but it makes me violently angry! Also, the dude that leads the morning workout moans really loud. It's like nails on a chalk board. I've learned to tune it out. 

    I do highly recommend this DVD though. It's like $10 too, so it's a good buy. 


  1. I hear ya on the ramblings of the instructors...I wish we could just mute them !!

  2. wow not bad price! il look it up for sure!

  3. I tried a yoga DVD yesterday and almost died doing the warrior pose or whatever it was. It was exactly like you said, calling out poses and going from a pose to the next like you would just know. And I could never look at the darn TV, stupid dog pose! I ended up lying on the floor and calling it yoga! Lol. This one seems good though. Once you know the positions, maybe you can mute! ;)