Saturday, February 5, 2011

What and where is a Bod Pod?

            I don’t always trust what the scale says, so I get my body fat measured every three months or so. I also get my body fat measured every three months because Zach and Janelle say that I have to! Also, BMI charts are full of crap, so having your body fat measured is way more accurate than a BMI chart. BMI charts are one size fits all and very unreliable. Fewer and fewer people rely on them these days.

            I don’t go somewhere where they pinch my skin with calipers either. I go to a sports training facility that has a machine that uses air displacement to measure my body fat and body composition. The machine they use is called bod pod because it looks like an egg.

Unfortunately, you have to wear the cap!
She is very excited to show off the Bod Pod

            It looks scary, but I swear it’s not. You just sit there, very still for about 2 minutes. Sometimes there are weird clicking sounds, but seriously not scary at all! It’s actually kinda cool. It does smell a little funky; like plastic and stale air, but it’s totally worth every penny! I go to one that is about 45 minutes from my house, even though there are some that are closer. I just like the lady that does them and I like to give her my business.

            The Bod Pods are good when you get them every three months because you can see how much fat you have lost in pounds, not just percentages. I also think they keep you accountable. I know they keep me accountable. If there is one near you, you should check it out.

            I found this web site recently that shows where all the Bod Pod facilities in the country are located.


  1. Ooooh YAY-I'm gonna see if there is one near me. I have my BF measured by Medifast every month or so, but that is on one of those impedance scales, that have so much margin for error related to hydration, etc. Thanks again! Too cool.

    Polar's Mom

  2. i am too claustrophobic for that, and I would have to sit still for 2 whole mins???? No I am just kidding though sounds like a cool idea. I would try it at least once