Saturday, January 22, 2011

You are at the gym...put the soda down!

           When I think of the gym, I think of sweat, hard work, water, classes, etc. I don’t think of food, soda, candy, and coffee. Ok, I do think of those things, but only when do I get to have any of those things? What I mean, is food, soda, candy, and coffee aren’t the images brought to mind when I think of going to the gym. I’m apparently in a minority with those thoughts.

            The gyms I go to are full of food, pop cans, candy wrappers, and expensive coffee drinks. It’s only been the past six months that I’ve noticed this. Actually, I think Janelle noticed first, but promptly pointed it out to Ashley and me. We were on the floor doing something, and Janelle was like, “Gross, look at all that trash under the treadmill!” We all looked under the treadmill and there were chocolate candy wrappers all over the place.

            That made me wonder what the eff someone is thinking when they get to the gym. Is it something like, “Wow, I need to get on the treadmill today, but I really want chocolate. I know, I’ll walk on the treadmill and eat my bon bons. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.” I bet that person was really proud of themselves for coming up with that idea.

            After that, I started paying more attention while I was in the gym. I saw people drinking soda instead of water. There were people walking in and finishing fast food, and people walking around drinking Starbucks. There are people bringing candy with them and eating it while riding bikes or walking on the treadmills. It was really gross.

 I won’t even tell you what some of the employees eat and drink in plain view of members. I mean really, you are supposed to convince me that a healthy life style is the way to go and that you are happy and healthy. When you eat a fast food, wash it down with a Mountain Dew, and then step out for a cigarette, I’m having doubts that you know anything about anything and I think working at gym is the wrong career for you. (Just a side note: that does not apply to my Huber ladies. They would never do those things in front of members!)

It just makes me wonder what they are thinking when they come to the gym with all that junk. They are doing nothing to help themselves! Why even bother? On the other hand, I have to eat at the gym every so often. Like I said the other day, I have eat every three hours, no matter where, no matter what. I at least bring something mildly healthy, like Clif Bars and nuts. I have been known to keep going through my workout while eating too. One time I continued with the leg press while eating mixed nuts. I’m sure people were thinking I was crazy. Oh well.

            It’s not really eating at the gym that’s bothering me; it’s what people are eating at the gym. Don’t bring pop; don’t bring fast food or candy. Number one: I’m mad that you have it and I don’t. Number two: any number of other people in there might tackle you to get to that delicious junk food you are eating because they, themselves, have sworn off junk food and would kill just to get a taste of it. Number three: you just made yourself look uneducated for making such a stupid decision about snacks in the gym and I will forever file you under “Stupid People”.


  1. That's nothing! I used to a "gym" (makes me giggle to call it a gym) that had a full bar in the lobby! There was something really backwards about watching girls drinking their martinis before kickboxing. :) Only in Chicago! ;) Keep up the good work! You are amazing! :D

    Stephanie (Sayers)

  2. correction! used to GO TO a "gym"

  3. I recently noticed a small coffee lounge and expanding vending machines at my gym too. I never really see people eating in the workout area, but it is on the second floor.

    I hope you complained about the nastiness under the treadmill-that would irritate me.

  4. Jive a few years ago that gym would have been my favorite place! Cocktails and a workout???? Yes, please! But these days that would really irritate me!

    Miss S, I should have complained about all the junk under the treadmills, but they wouldn't care and it gives us something to talk about during long workout!