Friday, January 28, 2011

A workout full of excuses.

             Yesterday’s workout was a killer. I’m not even joking. I was looking forward to it because I had a rough day at work and needed to workout some frustration. Then we started squatting, and I wished I had just stayed home.

            Janelle went first. When she was done with her first set she was like, “Crap. I just did 15 more pounds than I was supposed to.” So what is my brilliant response; a laugh. I “ha ha” her as I’m getting ready to do my set; and that’s when it all went wrong. I feel like Karma kicked my ass for laughing at her. I also squatted 10 more pounds than I needed to. So, since we both made it through with the heavier weight, we had to continue to use the heavier weight. By the time we were done with squats and lunges, we were both exhausted and not even close to done.

            Then we had to do step ups where we were both feeling “wobbly”. It was awful. That was immediately followed up with the leg press. The first and best excuse of the day came from Janelle, whether she admits it or not. After her first set on the leg press she says, “It’s awful; it feels like 1000 pounds, and I thought my knee cap was going to shoot off my leg.” I was dreading doing my set, but I thought her excuses were starting to sound a lot like mine.

            The leg press was awful; no doubt about it, but the worst was the burn out. It was 50 leg extensions followed by 25 squat jumps. Ashley calls them “frog jumps” and I call them “jumpy jumps”. Whatever you call them, they suck. Anyway, we had to do this 3 times in a row. I was tired before I even started, and that’s when my excuses started flowing.

Before the leg extensions, I told Janelle that my legs were broken. Then before the squat thingies I told her that my pants were too big and the crotch of them felt like it was hanging down too far and it was in the way. On the next set I told her that I was wearing a bad sports bra for doing jumps. Janelle really just laughed at me, but I was all tapped out. Finally, I started a jump, but then I never jumped. I just kinda sat on the ground. Janelle started laughing and asked if she thought I wasn’t going to notice.

Really, it was a rough workout yesterday, and I bet it’s because I laughed a Janelle and then I was punished by some gym karma. I was really exhausted and I thought my excuses were legit. I really was wearing a bra that was no good for jumping, and my pants really were too big! I think the more exhausted I am, the better my excuses. 


  1. Ummm, and how do your legs feel today???? After that workout, it can't be good. But you did it, and that is all that matters!!!!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Oh, they are a little sore. Not too bad thought. There have been times when I could really not sit down or stand up because my legs were so sore!