Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hey, wanna run a 5k? No, no I don't.

I will never run a marathon or 5K. Hell, I won’t even run a lap. Running is not for me. I don’t even like the treadmill. I do like to take walks with friends, but otherwise I’m not even a big fan of walking.

I’ve noticed a lot of people making goals to run 5K’s or marathons, or whatever. A lot of these people are my friends and I think it’s great that they have these goals. I will never have this as a goal. In fact, I think there is nothing worse than wanting to run a marathon. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel this way since so many people like to run and I would always have someone to run with.

Even more than noticing my friends running; I’ve noticed that a lot of people with weight loss goals make a goal to run something. More power to those people, because just the thought of it makes me frown. Again, I wish I didn’t feel this way about 5k’s, marathons, or charity walks….of don’t even get me started on charity walks.

So, charity walks…yea. I can’t stand them. I don’t understand how me walking is making an impact. I’ll just donate the money and skip the walk. The donation is making the difference. I’m sure someone out there has a different take on the matter, but I don’t care. Don’t even bother telling me! I tried to do Relay for Life once. I thought since Relay deals with cancer research and funding, it would mean more to me. It didn’t and it didn’t work out for me. I was bored. I just donated my money and left. If anything, it just made me sad. It’s all the same in the end for me. I get no more satisfaction from walking and donating money than I do from just donating the money. Actually, I think I feel more satisfaction from just donating the money.

My sister keeps trying to convince me to walk 5k’s while she is running them. She gives me the argument about being healthier and doing more healthy activities. I just tell her no, no way, hell no. I like going to they gym, I like lifting. I like my small bits of cardio on the elliptical. If she wants to run, she can run her little heart out, but I want nothing to do with it! I also had a friend that wanted me to walk 5k’s with her. She just wanted to get a little more activity going in her life, and I told her no too. I think she was a little offended though, because I went on my whole rant about hating charity walks!

I don’t know why I have such a dislike of this activity. I don’t even care to find a reason for not wanting to do them. I just don’t care for them. I do want to do more activities as I lose more weight, but I’m not sure what to do. I know what I don’t want do though and by this point I’m sure you also know what I don’t want to do!


  1. I guess everyone has their preference. I would like to try running some day. Not like doing a 5k or anything just as a form of exercise. I love walking. Especially as a form of exercise. I do not like Zumba at all, I know a lot of persons rave about it but I think it sucks. I think its boring I think its every negative thing a person can say about a form of I guess what I am rambling about is that it's ok to have a preference. I think the important thing is that you do what you like doing.

  2. I have no problem with other people wanting to run; I just don't want to! I don't like Zumba either. I'm not coordinated enough to pick up the dances as fast as they teach them. I just get frustrated and quit! I'll stick with lifting!

  3. I've passed on an award to you! Don't feel obligated to pass it on, but I'm sure you'd like to have a look! :)

    Btw, I love lifting too, and the elliptical! But I'm still one of those people who wish they could run. For now I don't enjoy it, but it's the idea of feeling the exertion and being in the great outdoors and just being really focused. I guess you can get that with pretty much any exercise... Even if I never run, important thing is to move any way you can!

  4. Genevieve, Thanks so much for the mention. I checked out your blog and the other blogs you mentioned too!

  5. Two years ago, under the pressure of some friends, I almost signed up for a marathon. Then I thought, come on be real with yourself. I knew I wouldn't do the necessary stuff to be ready for it, so I decided not to do it. Right now, I'm just interested in jogging, simply because it burns more cal than walking.

    A marathon isn't a total no-no for me, but it's not a yes-yes either. It's one of those things that might happen or might not. I'll still live and eat chocolate.

  6. I know I would never do the necessary training to run a marathon. I don't think I could ever motivate myself to want to do that. My attention span is too short. I could never even dream of running for that amount of time. My mind would wander and I would give up!!