Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random emails

Ok, this blog was spurred from a Facebook status that basically said I reached a healthy body fat percentage and had lost 133 pounds. Over 65 people liked that status and I was overly thrilled to have so many people be so supportive of what I’ve been doing. I was even more thrilled when I received a Facebook email from an old friend about my progress. It said a lot of nice things about me and my progress, but it also had a lot of other insightful information in it.

I’ve decided to post her email, because there were so many good things in there. She really has some good insight into weight loss and healthy living, much of it coming from her own experiences. I just thought it would be nice to share on a larger scale. Obviously, I left her name out and any other personal details about her. So, read and enjoy.

Hey Sarah! Remember me? (I guess we wouldn't "know" each other on facebook if you didn't..)

So, I just read your blog. I know from facebook updates that you have been losing weight for the past while, but tonight I took the blog-reading plunge. In part it is spurred from the fact that I am living in a new city and have less to keep me busy than usual (I'm not a regular blog reader). But, whatever the reason, I feel so glad that I clicked the link and had a look. Of course, I first want to congratulate you on how amazing you look. I mean, really. It's astounding. I cannot believe you have done this on your own. (Imagine sounds of excited applause, giant smiles, etc. all in your honor beamed across the wide world from me to you.)

I felt compelled to write because I wanted to comment on the idea that "It's not a diet!" (Note: I am about to fall into an "about-me-and-how-I-share-a-similar-experience" monologue. But, I want to clarify that I in no way care to suggest that my changes are in any way as awesome as your **super stellar** achievement.) Okay, compulsion to share moving forward:

So about two years ago I was floundering about in a moderately shit-tastic time in my life (complete with icky depression, sleeping ~12-18 hours a day, you name it). On top of that I had gained a lot of weight. I was the heaviest I had ever been, I had notably lower self esteem than usual, and I felt HORRIBLE all the time. And I decided to make a change. You see, for me the changes were only in part about weight loss; more so they were about combating negative feelings, lack of motivation, and a stellar depression.

I began to try different tools to fight the battle that I was (or felt like I was), at that time, losing. First, I tried jogging. But in the beginning that was actually quite difficult, especially because I felt bad and very tired most of the time. When the depression began to get really bad and affected my work, I started seeing a therapist. It's crazy -- my whole life I had thought that was a bunch of rubbish. But in retrospect I think it helped a lot. I also got a book about "detoxing" and began being more diligent about eating healthy foods, juicing, etc. I tried yoga, acupuncture, eventually went back to jogging a bit, swimming, and biking. Admittedly, I even went on a mild antidepressant before things got better (but, got off of it as quickly as I could).

Anyway, it's now almost two years later. My diet has changed permanently and in my mind it has made all the difference. I also love to jog, I enjoy yoga and even have a regular "at-home" practice, and I am motivated...I don't sit on the couch all the time and sleep, I don't go out and get trashed and feel like crap because of a wicked hangover (okay, it has happened once or twice..), and I don't eat an entire pizza by myself in one sitting. And, honestly, for the first time in my life I feel certain that I can have a healthy future and not just wonder how my body may/may not age as if I have no control over my physical (and emotional) well being. I've discovered that I actually do have a "say." And that it isn't just hypothetical people in a hypothetical world that are able to make permanent changes in their lives. Actual real people, like me (or like you) can do this too. It's beyond empowering.

Anyway, I hope it isn't rude of me to just jump in share. But I was inspired to. Your blog is awesome. And your personality is definitely in full force -- with a sense of sarcasm and humor just like I remember from high school. You rock, dude.

Giant congratulations and a **virtual** hug,

The second to last paragraph is really powerful. I like how she said we all have a “say” in our lifestyles and that real people are making positive changes on their own. Real people can do these things and that her and I are proof. I know a lot of people that are proof of healthy life choices and hard work.

Honestly, I just liked hearing from someone that I consider to be an average/normal person that healthy living is achievable for anyone as long as they take charge of their life.

Ok, that’s enough babbling from me. You can take from her letter whatever you want. I just thought it was too good not to share. 


  1. That's an awesome letter---and you deserve to feel great! You made positive choices for yourself and are reaping positive benefits. YOU did that! YOU built your awesome body! YOU changed your life! :)


  2. What's cool is that one person actually responded to let you know you've inspired them, but there is probably quite a few more that were, but didn't put a pen to paper (or in this case typing to facebook mail...)

    Thanks for sharing!