Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bod Pod fun time!

So, Blogger still hates me and sometimes it lets me comment on other posts and sometimes it doesn't. I'm working on in. I've not had a bunch of time to figure out the issue, but I'm still not ignoring your posts.

Yesterday, I had my bod pod. I have had 8 of them now. I, and when I say "I" I really mean "Zach", use the bod pod to keep myself in check and make sure that I'm losing fat instead of muscle.

I had to go alone, which is always sad, because Janelle and I get really excited. We call Zach right away to give him the results. It's like 2 super giddy girls. It's an odd thing to be that excited about, but hey, it works for us. Yesterday I had to celebrate with Dawn, the totally awesome bod pod lady. I did get a chance to talk to her for about 20 minutes though and that was cool because she has some different insight about some things.

So, I would like to post all of them to show everyone the change, but I'm really short on time these days and I need to scan them all before I can post them. I have to do the same with some old pictures too.

The bod pod breaks everything down into fat and lean mass. It gives me the percentages and pounds for both.

I've decided to share the results from the first time I went for a bod pod and yesterday's results.

Jan. 5, 2010                                                Oct. 4, 2011
percent fat 56.2%                                       percent fat 37%
percent lean 43.8%                                    percent lean 63%

So, my fat mass and lean mass have totally flip flopped. I'm really close to being at my goal weight now. I think I only have about 40ish pounds to go.

I will go back to another one in January. I'm thinking that one will be even more awesome.


  1. Holy amazing girl! You have almost cut your fat into half!!!!!!!!! Way to go.

  2. You are doing GREAT! :) The Bod Pod sounds cool!