Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a few newer pictures

Here are a few recent pictures. They are all wedding related in some way (Not my wedding, no, no, no....not mine! Just some other wedding things and wedding related things) I was really just trying to find some updated pictures to put up on here.....these are the best I could find. 

This is from a wedding in July.....
What can I say? I was having a
good time!

A bridal shower from last weekend.
Our team won the toilet paper
wedding dress game. 
My team making me look like
the best toilet paper
wedding dress model ever!

From the same bridal shower,
minus the awesome toilet
paper wedding dress!


  1. We totally played the toilet paper game at my wedding party!! So much fun!!! design a wedding gown!!! ;) How fun!! Good thing I am married... giiiiiiiiiiiiirl you are looking so good you are making me want to switch teams.. ;)