Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I totally stole her thunder

Last weekend I went to a baby shower. Actually, it was like a baby shower/open house thing for a friend of mine. She wanted everyone female and male to come hang out. 

I was still out of it from my back being messed up and being all hopped up on pain killers so I just now realized what happened while at the shower. (I think I'm finally out of my fog from the meds.)

I walked in, and I felt like a zombie. I hardly even recognized the people I was looking for, one of them being my own sister. So, I finally see my sister, brother in law, and some friends that I haven't seen in MONTHS. 

I didn't even get to say hi because these friends were all commenting about ME! Here are some of the things I remember hearing:

"Oh my god, where did the rest of you go?" (to that my brother in law responded, "We buried it in the back yard."
"Has it been that long since we've seen you?"
"I didn't recognize you."
"I was wondering who was walking up the driveway."
"Holy shit."
"What the hell happened to the rest of you?"

I could not even formulate responses to anyone because I was really out of it. (Looking back, I probably shouldn't have driven....oops.)

So the pregnant friend was standing there too and she even said she didn't recognize me either, and she does my hair so I know she's seen me in the last 3 months. Then she made a (joking) comment about it being her party and she's the pregnant one. I was able to chuckle a little at that before sitting in the corner and trying to hide the fact that I was totally jacked up on pain meds. 

Now that I'm out of the fog I can see that situation more clearly, and I totally stole her pregnant thunder by having lost so much friggin' weight! 


  1. Well, that's a whole heck of a lot better than them not recognizing you because you've gained a few. Keep rocking! I'm sooo looking forward to those type of comments.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! I bet you feel great. :) Haha, I don't think anyone recognized me at my baby shower because I gained 100 pounds. I bet your pregnant friend is really proud of you and enjoyed sharing the spotlight. We readers need an updated picture of your gorgeous self. :)

  3. I LOVE that you were hopped up on pain killers for a baby shower - prolly made it more fun! LOL

  4. LOL too funny, I love when friends gush like that.. even if its stealing someone elses thunder lol