Friday, July 15, 2011

Running around outside

Today was another outside workout. Not as hot, not as humid, and much earlier in the day, but we did have to start off at the gym. (Most Dam/Reserve areas don't have random squat racks laying around at the bottom of their steep hills!)

So, after we did our squats and whatnot, we had go back to that awful hill and walk up and down it a million times and then we had to walk up it backward 5 times. I did it and that's pretty cool. I burned around 1200 calories today, which is freaking awesome. 

Today I was able to take some pictures to try and show how big this hill is. 

Chillin' at the gym. I spend more time there
than anywhere else these days. 
This is at the very bottom of our hill.
This is also the time I ask Janelle what
the eff I'm thinking by being there. 
This is at the top of the hill looking down. 
This is Janelle about half way up the hill.
I had to zoom in on her because you couldn't
even see her in the original photo!
This is our giant hill from far away.
I love how you can see the paths
worn into the grass. 
For some reason birds started swirling
overhead! I wonder if they
thought we weren't going
to make it?


  1. Man! That is some hill. I am far away from that kind of thing my friend... lol

  2. Dang that hill looks INTENSE! And that bird pic is to funny. Random timing!! hahaha ;)