Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok, that was the worst workout ever

Yesterday I did the worst workout I've ever done. Honestly, I couldn't do everything I had to do. When that happened I would just walk up and down the steep, steep stairs. 

Ok, I have to back up and start from the beginning. 

It was about 90 something degrees, high humidity, full sun, and the middle of the day. Janelle informs me that we need to meet at the Reserve/Dam because we have to do an outside workout and she just found out too. 

When we workout outside there is a lot of stair running, hill running, stair hopping on two legs, or sometimes one. You just never know what you're going to have to do. 

We try to do those workouts in the morning before it gets too hot. Yesterday was the exception. 

I was spent after the first thing we had to do which was jog up the side of the dam 5 times. Truthfully, I made it 4 times. My legs were so wobbly after that. I had to keep stopping on my way back down the hill to sit and rest. I really, really thought I was going to puke.

I kept telling Janelle that I was trying to keep up and if it wasn't so flipping hot and humid I might be doing better. I kept checking my heart rate monitor to see what my heart rate was. It was flashing 179 with an arrow pointing down letting me know that my heart was beating waaaaayyyy too fast!

After that we had to hop up the stairs on one foot. Ok, Janelle hopped up the stairs on one foot. I just walked up and down the stairs, but that was even a chore in and of itself. I tried to hop up with both feet together, but my legs would not cooperate. I really didn't want to fall on my face on those cement steps. 

After that we had to run/jog up the hill backward. I was able to do that, but I looked at Janelle like she kicked my dog when she told me. 

The last thing we had to do was run up a slightly smaller hill taking the biggest strides we could. I let Janelle go ahead of me so I could see what she was doing. When she started I said, "Oh, we're leaping. Why didn't you just say so?" I didn't think that was a bad thing either, but I kept blacking out. 

Throughout the whole thing we were both just pouring water all over ourselves. We were both drenched. It was easier to tell on me because my pants were grey and Janelle was wearing black shorts. I had my pants rolled up into shorts. We both looked ridiculous. 

I could hardly even speak to Janelle, but I think she was having a hard time talking too. I just kept saying over and over, "I'm trying to hard to keep up. I'm really trying. I'm not going to stop.....oh crap, blacking out again."

Janelle assured me that I wasn't doing that bad and it was a pretty hard workout because of the sun beating directly down on us. 

Overall, I think next time it will be easier. I wish I would have had my camera with me. I wanted pictures of that massive hill. I'll get some at some point. I know we'll be back there at that beast again soon. 

Overall, in about one hour and fifteen minutes I burned 1108 calories and I was in my fat burning zone for 56 minutes. Now that it's all done I feel a lot better, but when I was doing it I was running my mouth was worse than a sailor. 

I seriously look like a hot mess. I could not even
focus on the fact that my pants were coming unrolled.
My legs were also about to give out, and I swear
my pants are wet because I had poured water
all over myself...seriously!

Janelle doesn't look as bad as I did, but
I guarantee you that she was holding
herself up on the car!

Ok, bad picture of me, but it kinda shows the giant hill we
were jogging/running/walking up and down.
This picture really doesn't do it much justice though!


  1. You should be quite proud of yourself for doing what you did! I'm impressed, very impressed. I envisioned a Biggest Loser-esque type of workout while reading this!

  2. You're one tough cookie to endure all that!! Proud of you <3

  3. Holy Crap. You are a tough ass. You better WORK IT

  4. Yeah, that sounds like one heck of a work out!! Especially in the heat of the day. WTG!!

  5. Heat stroke is no joke--especially if you were blacking out numerous times! It is incredibly dangerous! Your body simply can't work as hard in the heat as it can otherwise. Be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you.

  6. Thanks for the concern, but I do know when I've had too much. No worries here. I know how to handle the heat and what I can and can't do. Blackouts happen from lifting heavy too.

  7. You look freaking fantastic! Even after a workout like that! Your body is just looking awesome. Way to go!

  8. woah, i would've passed out in the first 20 minutes lol glad I ran across your blog, after seeing all you've accomplished its damn inspiring :)