Monday, July 18, 2011

Excuse me...could you please shut up?

I'm trying to find classes to take at the gym. They are part of my membership and I figure since I don't have to pay extra I should try them out. Janelle is also doing a show in October so she has to burn as many calories as possible and taking classes seems like the perfect thing for us to do on our off days from lifting or as a second workout for the day. 

I tried Zumba, and we all know how that went. If you don't you can read about it here

Today we tried a class called Body Blitz. It was described as a class of body sculpting and cardio. It sounded pretty good. Janelle couldn't go today so it was just Ashley, Kelly, and myself. Janelle does need a full report of what we thought of the class...I can't wait to tell her. 

Honestly, the class wasn't bad. We were moving and lifting the whole time. The class only ended up being about 50 minutes long. I burned over 600 calories. Not too bad for a Monday morning. 

But....I don't know if I will go back. There were only a few ladies in the class. I think they were all older than us too. Most of them just stood around talking to each other...loudly. It made it hard to hear the instructor, it made it hard to pay attention, and it made me want to hit them.  know I'm not allowed to hit the elderly, but it was damn close today. 

These 4 ladies were honestly being rude. I can't believe how little class they had. I work with middle school students that they can conduct themselves better in a class than these old ladies. I understand that you and your friends want to laugh and have a good time, but there is a time and place for all that!

On top of that, they were seeing that we were beginning to get frustrated and it just egged them on even more. What adult behaves that way? They set themselves up in the middle of the room and then just stood around talking. Other people who really wanted to get something from the class were pushed off to the side and couldn't hear crap!

I think the instructor needed to say something to them. It was obvious that these women come to the class all the time and the instructor knows them. She needed to tell them to cool it. This instructor is never going to get new people to stay in her class because these ladies are chasing everyone away! 

The end was the worst. The instructor does about 5 minutes of yoga as a cool down. She turns the lights out and everyone has the opportunity to relax. These crazy old ladies are laughing and when I say laughing, I really mean cackling. They keep YELLING, "Do I get a cookie if I quiet down? Will you buy me lunch if I stay quiet? tummy is rumbling!" 

I looked at Kelly and told  her we had to get the eff out of there before I assaulted elderly women. 

Seriously, what adult acts like that in public? I wish the instructor would have told them to shut up. 

I'm not sure if I will ever take that class again. It was a good class, but those women were awful. 


  1. I don't want to read a news story about you killing old ladies so be nice! :)

    - Lisa

  2. Lets not hit old ladies... LOL!! But that is super rude of them.