Friday, June 17, 2011

Leisure time....

Yesterday after the gym Janelle, Ashley, and I decided to go to the pool at a friends condo. We love this pool because there is never anyone there and it's really nice.

Yesterday was kinda cool and breezy around here. Then it did rain for a hot second too. When that happened we had to go into the office next to the pool. There is also a gym in there, and you know where ever we can find a gym, we can find fun. 

So, there is this piece of equipment in there called the "ab scissor". I guess it's a Body by Jake thing. Every time we go through this gym we try to figure out how the heck to use this thing. Ok, Janelle and I were trying to figure it out and Ashley was watching Ellen. 

We just decided to take a bunch of goofy pictures while we were waiting for the rain to pass. When I was looking at the pictures this morning I realized that this is a completely accurate description of all of our personalities and that we should carry a camera everywhere we go, because we act like that all time. 

Is this how you use the ab scissor?
Which by the way, is an awful name
for a piece of workout equipment.

This is so confusing.

Janelle came up with the most interesting
ways to use the ab scissor.

I still don't think this is how you do it.

Tyler even got in on the ab scissor fun time

Ashley wanted nothing to do with our fun. Boo...

My legs look really skinny, I just thought
you should know.

Skinny little legs that I love. 


  1. Looks at like a fun adventure :) I love taking silly pictures with friends!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Okay... I don't know where you are getting... ONLY skinny little legs... Girl you are skinny all over!!!! You look amazing!! And it looks likee you guys were having a blast with the ab scissor!! LOL!!

  3. Looks like so much fun - you ARE skinny!