Sunday, June 5, 2011

I didn't slack off

I've had to go to the gym alone for the past 2 days and I've been pretty sad about it. Janelle is letting her leg rest, or whatever. They said that there is nothing wrong with her leg, but she's letting it rest for a few days anyway. 

Anyway, I would usually slack off a little bit when I'm alone at the gym, but the past few days I have been busting my behind. I am super sore from yesterday and I'm already getting sore from today. That makes me really happy. 

I still hate going to the gym alone. I prefer to go with Janelle and anyone else that comes to workout with us. And it never fails that I see the strangest crap happening around me when I'm working out alone. 

For example: Today the ladies side of the gym was dead, but there was a girl on the treadmill, a woman wondering around looking confused, and me all on the ladies side. Then one of the employees came over there and stood on another treadmill and began to talk to the girl that was walking. He was literally just standing there, trying to flirt with her, and she was trying to flirt back, and it was tragic. The confused lady walks over to me and asks what I'm doing and if I know anything she could do. I tell her that she needs to go see an employee and they will help her. (Remember, Janelle and I aren't allowed to talk to anyone at the gym or we will lose our memberships for "training" people.) I think the lady thought I was a bitch, but whatev. The guy that works there would not even help her. He told her to go to the front desk and someone MIGHT be able to help her. 

I also saw some strange new ways to stretch in the past 2 days to. I'm not really sure how to describe it either. It looked like some crazy porn moves. All I could think was, "who needs to stretch like that in public? And why is Janelle not here witnessing this too?"

Hopefully by Tuesday everything will be back to normal. 


  1. Good for you for still going! I've taken the weekend as a rest period. Back at it tomorrow!

    Your gym sounds awful, btw. Do you have any other options?

  2. I hate going to the gym alone thats why I bought equipment for my house LOL Plus I can look a hot mess and make all sorts of weird noises with no one looking LOL