Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The heat is killing me!

Is it really friggin' hot where anyone else lives? I shouldn't complain, because I would rather have the heat than the cold, but all this heat is getting in the way of walking outside. 

I'm trying to get to the Reserve (like a park) every day to take a walk. I like to walk for about an hour-ish. Yesterday I went at 7 AM. It was already flippin' hot! I could not walk for the whole hour. 

Sadly, I didn't even try to go this morning and now I won't have time to go until this evening. It will still be bad tonight too! Last week I tried to walk after 8 PM and it was sooooo hot!

Anyway, I feel like the weather is getting in the way of what I really need to be doing. 

In reality though, I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it anyway. I would like to use the "it's too hot" excuse, but I'm just not going to let myself do that. 

I said I wanted to be more active this summer so I better get off my butt and start taking my extra walks. 

I still get to the gym at my regular times and I know I'm busting my butt while I'm there. It's also hot as hell in the gym too, and there is no excuse for that. I know they have an air conditioner! 


  1. It's hot in Houston too, over the weekend we topped out at 105! The last couple days its been 95. And it's miserable! It's only June, how bad is this summer gonna get?

  2. We are about 95 here in Michigan but with the heat index it feels like its over 100.

  3. I was surprised at how hot the north was! I'm in Florida so I'm used to hot humid weather this time. I was just taken aback when I saw that the Northeast had higher temperatures than we did!

  4. here too. We are supposed to be in the mid 90's with a humidex of over 105. Blech.

  5. 90/95 hear in New York, it's crazy! Makes pool exercising easier but the rest of it is hard!