Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here we go with the update!

So, I'm not making excuses, but it's not been the best month for losing weight. I've not had an overall gain, but with another (unexpected) trip to Nebraska things got kinda messed up. I guess I'm not good away from a meal plan and believe me when I say I've been kicking my own ass because of it. 

Since last month I have managed to lose 8.75 inches. That makes me happy. My total inches lost is 60 inches. That also makes me happy. I know that I'm still making progress because my pant size has also gone down again. I put on a pair of 10's the other day and they fit. I didn't even have to suck in to get them buttoned. That was pretty awesome. 

So, I've now lost a total of 83 pounds. I'm not going to complain about it. I know what my last month has been like. I busted my ass while here, but that trip killed my progress. I could have been more diligent, but I had too many other things on my mind. I did the best that I could for what I had to work with - truck stops, fast food, little bars in little towns. I did eat every 3 hours like I'm supposed to, but I guess I had too much. 

Anyway, that's my monthly update and I'm hoping next month has a better weight total. Actually, I know next month will have a better weight total. 


  1. 83 lbs lost is amazing! One week of maintenance is NOT bad at all. Good luck with the new week and have a wonderful Easter Sunday! Also, the month isn't over :)

  2. wow 8.75 inches in a month, that's awesome!, not to mention the 83lbs! You're doing brilliantly and should be very proud of yourself!

  3. Good job... wow, size 10, how awesome did that feel? Keep pluggin' away girl and drink that water!! :) Happy Easter.


  4. 83 pounds!!! and a size 10!!! You are amazin im completely jelous!