Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stress eating

           Stress eating is awful. The past few days I have been pretty stressed. My Uncle and Aunt were in Libya (he works there) and it took them a week to get to Malta! He is home now; finally. Also, a good friend of mine had a sudden death in the family and I’ve been really worried about him. Both of these issues have been stressing me out, and I want to eat when I’m stressed! Since I eat according to a meal plan and I’m not willing to screw that up; I’ve had to find different outlets for my stress, but all I think about is eating!

            I’m not just a stress eater; I’m really an everything eater! I will look for any reason to eat! Anyway, when I’m stressed though eating gives me something else to think about and food tastes good. But…the satisfaction from the food doesn’t last long. As soon as I’m done eating I just want more. (That is all being said in my best “I know better” voice.)

            Anyway, and I really hate to admit this, but yoga has been pretty good at helping relieve the stress. I know… I know…right now all of you are saying out loud to your computer screens, “But Sarah! You HATE yoga!” You’re right! I do hate yoga, but I keep finding useful and helpful reasons for doing it! I've even written two different blogs about my dislike of yoga! You would think I would be excited at finding more and more benefits of doing yoga, but it’s just the opposite; I get angry every time I find another advantage to doing yoga!

Not now children,
you've stressed me out!
            So, I’m slowly replacing the desire to eat when I’m stressed with different activities. I can’t always do yoga, although it would be funny to be at work and just drop into a downward dog when I start feeling stressed. I would spend my entire day in different yoga poses, because teenagers can be pretty stressful! 


  1. I feel the same way as you about yoga but I finally figured out why I have a love-hate relationship with it: it's harder to do at my current weight. Just like pilates, it's hard getting into certain positions and then it's harder to get out of them.

    I've found that putting together and painting plastic models takes so much of my concentration (I'm a perfectionist), that I forget about food. :)

  2. hahaha! I could just see you in a room full of teenagers, teaching while doing different yoga poses.. at least you would have their undivided attention!

    I'm glad to know your uncle got home.. and I so get the "any reason to eat".. I'm there too. I always blame it on stress.. but, yeah, I'll pretty much eat whenever.

  3. I was thinking about "stress eating" this morning. My big issue at the moment is being stressed to the point of not eating. I know that's backwards but I feel like it's throwing off my progress a little since I need to according to the meals I have set up for the day! I have never been a big yoga fan either lol.

    Sorry you've been stressed, I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon:)