Sunday, February 13, 2011

More crazy "as seen on tv" items...

            I was reading a health and well being article on the internet and there are always advertisements on the side of the screen that advertise things that usually have some connection to the article. Well, these advertisements were for health equipment and one of the ads said something about “Gliding Discs”. What the eff is a gliding disc? I didn’t know and I had to find out! I quickly found the Official Gliding Disc web site and it opened a whole new world of “as seen on tv” products.

            Basically, the gliding discs are the exact same thing as furniture moving discs. I’m kinda mad I didn’t try to market them first, because my sisters and I used to slide around the house on the furniture movers all the time. It was like skating. They even have a workout dvd to go along with them. I’m kina curious to see what that would be like though. My suggestion, get furniture movers; they are exactly the same. Then Google or YouTube some exercises to do with them. I’m sure it will be much cheaper and you won’t feel bad when you realize it sucks because you didn’t spend the money on a piece of crap.

            The Gliding Discs led me to another “as seen on tv” discovery that I didn’t know about; the Beam Fit. Now, this one is truly stupid. I feel like it’s the same as the step aerobics things or a balance beam or a two by four. The worst part is that they refer to it simply as “beaming”. Like in a conversation someone would ask, “What are you doing today?” You would respond, “Oh you know, I have to do laundry, run to the store, go beaming…” and people would know what the eff you were talking about! Who in the world needs this? Seriously, get a two by four; use the money you save for a gym membership!

            I need to market my own products. If anyone can market junk and become famous, I bet I can too. 


  1. Laugh! I think this all the time, people buy the craziest stuff.

  2. That's too funny! I've seen the gliders.. but the beam is new to me. Ok.. off to do some beaming.

  3. Forgot the discs i can accomplish the same thing by putting some baby oil on my tiled floors. I remember my bf and I had this saying who is to blame the person who makes these items or the ones who actually buy them?

  4. LOL, that is hilarious. It's all in the marketing, right? And how many desperate people are out there willing to part with their money (a lot). I never thought of those furniture movers...that's a good idea. I bought some for my mother to move her furniture.

    I forgot to mention I love the title of your blog - very clever.

  5. I know, people do buy the craziest things. I know I've been guilty of buying a few of them!

    Daral, thanks for liking the blog title. It was really easy to come up with. A lot of people would ask about my "diet" and I would always say, "it's not a f*cking diet!" The whole effing part came about because I thought I should clean up my foul mouth a little bit! I really have a mouth worse than a sailor.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to yet more amazing as-seen-on-TV products, and their cheaper alternative!
    Seriously, people come up with the craziest stuff.

  7. I just found your blog through another, I love it, glad I stumbled on it! My hubby and I always crack up at the crazy fitness items on tv!
    ~Heather @

  8. Thanks Dori! I'm glad you like my crazy ramblings!