Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a quick update.

            I started a new meal plan on Saturday. It’s a pretty good meal plan. My calories actually increased! According to my newest Bod Pod my lean mass went up 2 pounds, so I get to have more calories to keep that muscle going. I’m totally fine with it.

            The meal plan is almost the same as the old one so I hardly notice a difference; thank God. Usually I do notice a difference and I’m grumpy for a few days while I adjust.

            I’m also paying more attention to how much water I’m drinking every day. I should be drinking around a gallon. Most days I do get close, but I’m really trying to be exact every day. It’s not really hard, because beside my black coffee I only drink water. The only problem is the increased trips to the bathroom. Once I get adjusted again it won’t be a problem.

            I had to weigh myself on Saturday and I’ve officially lost 76 pounds. I’m not gonna lie; I’m pretty excited. I only weigh myself every 2 weeks; otherwise I would be on that scale every day and freak out.

            Zach, Janelle, and I also set a date for me to be at 100 pounds lost; May 11. I’m ok with this because it’s only 24 pounds. I usually lose 20 pounds in 3 months so I will have to step it up just a tad to get those extra 4 pounds. Ordinarily I would not want to set a goal to be a certain weight by a certain time, because I think that's setting me up for failure, but I really want to get to 100 pounds lost, so I’m willing to bust a little ass to get there. I think having the date in mind will help. 

            Now for my favorite update: I’ve been Sweating to the Oldies. Mom got the DVDs in the mail and I borrowed one. Honestly, I can only handle about 20 minutes at a time. I know I love Richard, but he is a lot to handle. I’m not a dancer, so the videos are perfect. They are totally ridiculous and you kinda feel ridiculous doing them. Really, you just laugh at yourself the whole time which makes it even more fun. I took the DVD with me to Kelly’s one night and I made her check it out too. She can dance and she is goofy as hell. She was really getting into it and she was sweating her ass off after a few minutes. I think I’ll try to get Kelly to do the workout with me a few more times because it’s easier to get into when a friend is with you. So if you’re looking for something easy and fun, get a Sweating to the Oldies DVD; seriously. 


  1. Congrats on 76 pounds! That's awesome! I know you're going to make that 100 pounds by May 11... you have the drive and determination.

    Glad you are enjoying the Richard!

  2. Wow... 76 pounds!!! How awesome does that feel? Super cool!!
    You can totally reach your goal by May. Stay focussed and drink that water, girl! Have fun with dancin' to those oldies and laughing... sounds like a hoot.


  3. Wow! I can totally tell you have lost 76 lbs by comparing your pictures. Congrats and enjoy the high!!

    I love Sweatin' to the Oldies! I used to do them with my mom and I'm sure I can still remember some of the moves. :)

  4. 76 pounds - WOW. That is fantastic. Congratulations. I understand why you are so excited.