Friday, February 18, 2011

I was at the gym forever today...the line to tan was ridiculous!

I think she tans at my gym.
My gym offers tanning free with membership; does yours? It’s a nice perk. I like to get my tan on from time to time. I can’t do it at my gym though, because the same 6 people are always sitting in the chairs waiting to tan. It’s a stand up bed, which I love, and based on the shade of orange they all are, I’m assuming they all go for the max time. If I want to tan, I have to buy a package somewhere else and tan on my own time.

I think she also tans at my gym.
Here’s what I don’t understand; you’re gonna sit in a chair, at the gym, for nearly and hour just to tan! I really don’t get it, but here’s what has made the situation worse. The gym I go to is a small chain in my area. There are about 5 gyms in the area. If you join one, you join them all. At the other gyms they have a good system for the tanning beds. If you want to tan, you sign up, go about your wan, and they call you over a P.A. system when it’s your time. The one I go to the majority of the time doesn’t do it that way. The owner that runs my gym doesn’t think tanning beds are healthy or natural. She doesn’t even want a tanning bed in the gym and she won’t put more than one in the gym. She won’t do the sign up and get called system either.

I completely understand her reasoning and I support her reasoning. I just get seriously annoyed when I look back toward the changing area and there are 6 or more people sitting on their asses waiting to tan and you hear them bitch about waiting so long to tan! If you just wanted tanning, why did you join the gym? A tanning package at a tanning salon has to be cheaper and take less time out of your day! I guess they like that they can say they spent a ton of time at the gym, even though the only thing they lift and move is a chair to sit in.

They also talk about their crash diets as well. That’s hilarious to me. I want to tell them to look around and realize they are in a gym. Geeze people, there is tons of equipment around you! Get out of the chair and do something!

Get your GTL on. 

           I know this is an awful rant, but it’s frustrating. I feel like if I got off my butt and started doing something about my weight, so can all of these people that use the gym for tanning. I don’t think that’s what the Jersey Shore freaks mean when they say Gym, Tanning, Laundry. I think they actually mean work out, go tanning, and have clean clothes! Basically, the people sitting around my gym only have the tanning part under control.

           It’s also frustrating because its been really nice out the past few days. I’m upset that I have to be in the gym working out for the past few days! By the time I’m done working and going to the gym it’s too dark to go for a walk or do anything outside. I know it’s just going to get cold again in a few days. I guess I feel like everyone wants to be outside, so when I see these people sitting around, wasting their time for a tanning bed I just want to scream!


  1. Lol ! Those are some funny images ! I'm not sure why people even go tanning... but, hey, I'm black. lol

  2. Tanning and crash dieting ... oh, so very good for you. Well you might be able to get away with it when you're young, but you'll end up looking like Ketucky Fried Chicken with eyes when you get to be my age. I wish I knew better when I was younger. Sun screen was only for people who would burn.

  3. Love that you managed to get the Jersey Shore in there! And I really enjoy Darla's KFC image... That will stick with me, lol!