Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I should be a P.E. teacher.

            I was covering for a P.E. teacher yesterday and I thought his plans were boring. He just wanted us to walk and play basketball. I’m not the only one who thought they were boring either. The kids were like, “Please, please Ms.T…let’s do something else…anything else.”

            I had no clue what to do so it was a free for all. We made up obstacle courses and other random things. They wanted to play dodge ball, but all we had were basketballs. There was no way I was going to let them play dodge ball by throwing basketballs at each others heads. Especially with middle school kids; they really would only aim for each others heads.

            By the end of out time together one kid was like, “Ms. T, we always have fun when you cover for this class. Can’t you always be out teacher?”

            “No, no children. I’m not licensed to teach P.E. I’m just covering for your regular teacher.”

            “Why not, dude? You lift weights. You told us before and someone said you can lift a ton. Do you even have to go to college to be a gym teacher?”

            This all made me laugh. I really had no response. I know a lot of P.E. teachers and they did go to college and they would be upset by kids thinking just anyone could be a P.E. teacher. This also made me laugh because in their own middle school way they recognize that I’m working my ass off at the gym. I wish I could lift a ton. Ok, not really. I don’t want to lift a ton, and here’s why: if I could really lift a lot of weight and people knew, they would expect me to move my own things and carry my own heavy things!

            Janelle and Zach keep talking about power lifting. I’m not ok with that because then people would know I was strong and every time I needed something heavy moved people would expect me to do it myself! I’m all about being strong and lifting heavy weights, but I still need big strong men to do all my heavy lifting at home! 


  1. Nice story! I know PE teachers with Masters. I know when I was in Secondary High all we did was run track and play basketball.

  2. That is too cute. You should be a PE teacher! Usually you need a degree in kinesiology, but I bet with a few anatomy and phys and childhood psyc classes you could be good to go...and think of how many kids you could teach to like being active at the time in their lives when they are so susceptible to video games! Oooh, I'm convinced, you would be AWESOME!
    Stay away from power lifting, you will get mega muscles, try Olympic Lifting instead-it burns a crapload of calories and is a whole-body workout!

    Polar's Mom

  3. Thanks Polar. Well around here you do have to get a teaching degree for P.E. and health. There is no way I would want to be a P.E. teacher full time! I'll stick to social studies and reading. Those are crazy enough for me.

    I know I won't get mega muscles from power lifting. I'm not going to be a power lifter though, believe me! There's no way I could put on that much muscle. I would have to take something to do that. I do lift heavy though...very heavy!

  4. Hey Sarah! Maybe you shuld be a PE teacher! I never liked PE because there was little room for me and my desires (dancing aerobics etc). Maybe you could be an inspiration! I also blog about weightloss, maybe you could give my blog a try?